Chapter 9

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(Brendons POV)

"So.. you and Kenny.. that doesn't.." Zach says staring at me, shock clear on his face. Time to lie even more, here we go. "That's why he kept making rumors up. He was afraid someone would find out." I say shakily. "I.. I don't believe that. You and him never hung out alone." Zach says. "I.." I say and Zach shakes his head. "I'm not stupid, Brendon. I.. I can put two and two together." He says and I felt like I was gonna cry. "Zach please.." I say and he looked at Dallon and then at me. "You have a week, one fucking week to either break up with Sarah, or stop this shit before I myself tell her alright? You're better than this." He says and I look down at the ground.

"Okay.." I mumble and he walks off the bus. I slowly turn to look at Dallon and he just stared at me. "I'm sorry.." He says and I shrug softly. "I deserved to get yelled at." I say and he chuckles softly. "You did, I wasn't apologizing for that. I meant for leaving hickies all over you." He says and I ah. "I could've stopped you, don't worry about it." I mumble and he nods and grabs one of his shirts, tossing it to me. I give him a confused look and he looks at his phone. "You don't want anyone else to see them right?" He asks. Oh yeah. I hurriedly pull it on, and smile a bit. It smelt like him. I walk over and pull him in for a hug. It wasn't a long hug. Just a quick one.

Zach and Dan come back on after Dallon and I sat down. Like 20 minutes later about. "So there's a bit of change in plans for tomorrow." Zach says while sitting down. "Are we still performing?" I ask and he shakes his head. "No, it'll be hard to have a good running show without a guitarist. Everyone who purchased a ticket it getting a refund. Tomorrow, you guys have a photo shoot in the morning, then the rest of the day, we're gonna be looking for a new guitarist. Got it?" Zach says and I nod. My phone dings and I unlock it.

Sarah: hey babe, coming to see you tomorrow xox

Brendon: can't wait <3

I turn my phone off, tossing it on the table. It felt good to know Kenny isn't here anymore. The vibe was just more chill. Zach didn't even act weird, didn't do awkward glances at dallon and I, didn't call us faggots. He acted the same as he did before he found out. Though I knew in the back of my mind, that there was a catch to it. That I had to make a decision before he does it for me. I was gonna tell her tomorrow. Right after the photo shoot. I wanna do it face to face. Doing it over text is a whole new low. Cheating is like the lowest thing you can do, but admitting that you're cheating over text? That's fucked. I care too much about her to do that. Even if it means I do it in front of the guys. I'm gonna admit everything. No more lies. Pure honest truth. Sarah deserves better than me. So does Dallon.

"Didn't we have an interview in an hour?" I ask, sitting up a bit. My knee brushes against Dallons and I look at him. He smiles softly and I smile, bringing my gaze back to Zach. "You guys really wanna do an interview after what just happened?" He asks and I shrug. "I guess you're right, yeah." I mumble. I wanted to hug Dallon, cuddle into him, something. I needed comfort right now. I was nervous, I couldn't lie. I was also stressed over the guitarist situation, plus what's to come tomorrow. I didn't realize tears glazed my eyes until Dallon placed a hand on my shoulder, startling me.

"Are you okay?" He asks and I shrug softly. "Wanna talk about it?" He asks and I nod my head. I should tell him that I'm gonna do it. We both stand up, and I follow him into the back room, and we sit on the bed, facing eachother. "What's on your mind?" He asks and I look up to meet his eyes. "I'm so.. I'm so stressed. What if we can't get a new guitarist in time?" I say and he grabs my hand in his, and I immediately interlaced our fingers. "Is that what's worrying you?" He asks. I softly shake my head. I don't know why I was afraid to tell him. It's a good thing, kinda, that I'm leaving Sarah. I'm afraid to tell him I'm gonna admit everything, I think that's my issue. "What's wrong?" He asks and I feel tears roll down my face.

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