My Beloved Forgive Me... Won't you? 1.3

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I was contemplating on what the system said to me. There's no side tasks, and I don't have to act as the original host?

That's reassuring.

The original host lived a contented life anyway.

I guess being in the middle won't get you noticed that much, but it also won't get you to experience horrible things.

Ah, wait! If I leaked out that I have an amnesia, won't that get me more attention?

Well, let's just hope that won't be the case. After all, my mission is to just get the male lead notice the true female lead and the one who will love him instead of making him be like a second male lead.

I sighed in relief and it put my mind at ease as long as I think that is the case.

Well, It should be the case.

I hope.

Good thing I only got 20%. Well not entirely good but otherwise I would be in trouble as I'm only an amateur, I'd rather get a low percentage of memories rather than deal with difficult missions.

Just as I was relieved for those facts the door suddenly was busted open and someone barged in.

That someone was a woman though of old age but she still carried herself with elegance. Her worry could be shown between her furrowed eyebrows and disbelieved eyes. It seems like she was this original host's mother.

She hurried to my side and held my hand tightly as if I was almost out of her grasp.

"XiuLan, are you alright?" She asked me worriedly.

I return her question with silence. I glanced at her with confusement. That should do enough to know that I have memory loss, this also works for me as though I don't have an Oscar award worthy acting skills. I can put my confusement about the plot and who this person is to add on my acting skills.

Fortunately, It was very lucky of me of her recognizing my confusion as my unavaibalability to recognize her.

"This-" She was shocked for me to not recognize her. She bit her lips and furrowed her eyebrows even more, she then sighed and asked the servants nearby to call the  doctor.

While they were running off to call the doctor. While still holding my hand, she turned to me and said
"XiuLan, do you really not remember me?"

I glanced at her with a confused look once again and shook my head.

"XiuLan, don't worry, the doctor will be here and you'll remember things soon." She looked at me with tenderness and tried to reassure me. All the response I gave her were still silence.

Shortly after, someone was knocking at the door informing that the doctor she requestes them was here.

"Come in." She ordered and the doctor came in. I saw a man looking like somewhere between his mid' fifties and proceeded to go inside the room, taking normal and steady steps. He examined me and there was solemn look of empathy between his eyes.

"What is it?" Mother asked out of worry and also out of curiosity.

"Madame, Ms. Luo XiuLan does indeed have memory loss. Judging from her fall from the stairs, her brain might have made an impact causing her to lose her memories. It would also seem that it will be a very long time before she can recover." The doctor empatheticly informed.

"I see." After hearing the doctor's words and information, the mother of this original host seemed to be worried more than she ever was.

"I can only give a few advices for madame. Ms. Luo XiuLan is someone who just recently lost her memories, I suggest for Madame and other people that surrounds Ms. Luo to be careful." The doctor continued.

"I see. Thank you, doctor." The original host's mother once again thanked the doctor. She seems to be getting worried and worried as time goes. She must love this daughter of hers. Then again, this daughter isn't the favorite but I still like how they still care for her.

"If there's nothing else, then I will be excusing myself." The doctor then left, leaving me alone in the room with the original host's mother.

She unconciously sighed deeply and immediately tenderly turned to me and said with a gentle voice
"You must be tired. The night is not getting younger, I'll leave you to rest." Then she left with her back a little more solemn and finally leaving me alone in the room.

Ah, that was hectic. I stretched my arms and yawned as I proceeded to go to rest.

I'm surprised I can even sleep at all, with all of these happening. This chaotic mess...

Morning finally came as the golden rays of sunlight came pouring onto my window, as if filled with ecstasy and joy, the sunlight scattered throughout the room leaving me covering my eyes as it was truly blinding me.

I wanted to get up but as my eyes swept throughout the room, I felt that all of what happened yesterday wasn't a nightmare I could wake up from. Though I didn't know whether where I got the idea that this was all a dream and nothing real.

I was debating on whether I should go down or not then suddenly a knock from the door echoed through the room, then shortly after I heard a voice from a servant.

"Miss, breakfast is ready. The master requests you to come down and join them." The servant informed.

"But-" I hesitated a bit. My body still ached, though not as much as before, but it still ached horribly nevertheless.

"Are there any problems Miss?" The servant asked in concern.

"I- I'm afraid I can't seem to join them for breakfast." I solemnly responded to the servant.

"I- I'll go and inform Master."  The servant replied.

Minutes later, someone knocked on my door. This time, it was a great voice boomed with loudness like a king but with great worry.

"XiuLan, is there anything wrong?" The man whose voice seems to be from someone who aged up quite in years asked me in worry like the old woman last time.

Unfortunately, I couldn't bring myself to speak. My nervousness went up so high from all these thoughts.

What if I mess up? Even though the system said that I didn't need to act as the character, I still may mess up and not be able to complete the mission!

Numerous cold sweat trickled down my forehead, obviously showing my nervousness and uncertainty about thr situation.

The seemingly old man knocked on the door countless times and his voice became louder and louder with more worry as the time goes without me answering to his call.

"I'm coming in." His tired voice immediately warned me.

Ah! What am I going to do?!

I bit my lip in confusement and nervousness, unknowingly bleeding the more I bite it.

"Master, the young lady wasn't feeling well, so she wasn't able to come downstairs to have breakfast." Just then, I heard a soft voice from the door. It seemed to be the maid earlier. I exhaled a sigh of relief after the maid saved me.

What if next time, there will be no one to save me? I'm screwed. But, for now, I'm safe at least.

I really need to gather more information.

Between my furrowed eyebrows were uneasiness. Uneasiness due to the fact that I needed to gather more information to complete other missions faster, meaning I could get home more quickly.

I sighed deeply just because of that thought.

This is really too troublesome...

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