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Hey ho!!!


Ok hi so this was requested by lilytagici so enjoy :3

Btw they are still at Ireland and im kinda inspired by Ed Sheeren's song 'Nancy Mulligan' (YOU SEE DA SURNAME!?) so yeahhhhhh also I wanna visit Ireland so bad, it is so pretty-



John giggled as Hercules opened an classy door from bar, just for him.

"Thank you, Ser~" He put in his southern but try to mimick british/irish accent.

Hercules rolled his eyes and went in.

The bar was really pretty.

Live music, traditional irish music.

Men laughing and drinking beer.

The bar was actually pretty neat, it was polished with reddish crimson brown.

John eyes sparkled.

"Come, my love." Hercules lead him to bar counter so they could order their drinks.

"Good evening, what would you like to drink?" The man asked, gently.

He had hazy green eyes, and dark dorkish hair.

"Oh, I would like quiness beer and my boyfriend would like normal beer." Hercules explained as the man smiled and nodded.

"Wow, that was smooth." John flirted.

Herc snorted.

"I quite know what do you want. Besides, the irish beer is strong for you." Hercules leaned John to him.

John just giggled and sighed relaxed.

This is love.

"Hold on baby boy. I need to go take toilet. Here is wallet if the drinks come earlier." Hercules said giving John his wallet, as he nodded.

As Hercules went off, the drinks came.

"That would be 25€." The same men said smoothly.

John nodded and gave him the money.

Not so long, the other man came and seat next to him, on Herc seat.

"Hey there cutie....whatcha doin all alone??" He said flirtaus.

The man had gingered bread, was in his thirties...maybe even fourties.

To be honest, John was attractive. His face golden with rosegold highlighter, his brown-gingered hair tied in ponytail, wearing crop-top and fishnet along with light dimmy cutted jeans.

He was a bite.

"Umm im sorry but my boyfriend is sitt--" John tried to explain politely.

Clearly the man was drunk.

"Dont be feisty lil thing. I can make sure you will enjoy." He grinned as John face went pale.

What the fuck is with him?

"Excuse me sir, you need to leave. You are clearly disturbing the man." The manager said.

"Whaaaaat??? But we are just getting into fun..." The man whined, trying to hug John.

John wanted to cry and scream away from this man.

"Sir, please- you know what fuck this--" Manager snapped his fingers and two men came to him.

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