Doctor Who- The Beginning And The End Of The World- Part 1

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Legend says that there was an ancient species that lived on the planet way before our time, they once roamed this planet for century's stealing all light that was around they would stop at sight, they were made of stone they had no name, and controlled this planet before our time until a man in a blue box destroyed them all...

In the Tardis, " Doctor, where are we going next we haven't been into the future or past lately" Clara said while walking around the control panel. " Clara, since i have chosen the last like 100 places we have been, so i'm going to let you choose, and since you want to go to the future or the past im going to give you two options, first one is that we go to the past and see the dawn of time,the second option is that we go into the future and you can see what the world will be like in god knows how many years time, you can go as far as you want into the past or the future the choice is yours" the Doctor said while starring into Clara's eyes.

" Well i think it would be cool to go into the future, but then again i really want to go into the past, can i flip a coin over this Doctor" Clara said while looking for a coin to flip to choose where they go. " Heads its the past, tails it's the future" Clara said while walking over to the Doctor who flip the coin.Amy flips the coin and it lands on heads."OK i guess we will be going into the past to the beginning of the planet" said the Doctor while getting the controls ready to go to the past and see what awaits them there.As the Tardis took off it shook all around the place a the Doctor and Clara fell to the floor of the Tardis as it shock violently crashing all over the place,sparks flying all over the place as they traveling through the vortex.The Tardis came lashing out the air and smashed on the floor a couple of times before making the perfect landing on the ground,inside the Tardis the Doctor and Clara both laid there knocked out no knowing where they were.

Outside the Tardis was the cold thin air of the planet earth nothing around not a single movement around the place, they had landed in the middle of nowhere ,as they lay in the Tardis knocked out the lights of the Tardis started to go out as if it was dieing with no energy supply no time to be used,as the Doctor did not know anything about this.

2 Hours later the Doctor finally woke up and noticed that they had crashed before he went to see what was wrong she tried to get Clara up he shacked her violently and started shouting "come on Amy wake up say something,come one." Amy suddenly started moving her head and grunting."Ha ha Clara Oswin Oswald, i knew you would come through for me" the Doctor said with a massive smile on his face. "Where are we exactly Doctor" Clara said while slowly getting up. "Um well good news we are safe and alive and the bad news is that we are stranded unless i go outside and walk for miles trying to find something to get us out of here, but while we are here we might as well have a look around outside too see the birth of the planet ,just after i grab somethings" the Doctor said while running up his stairs to get somethings. As the Doctor goes out to get somethings there was a slight bit of movement outside the Tardis,like...something was running, it is too faint but there was just a slight movement outside. "Come on Doctor, what are you even getting we are just going to get something to start up the Tardis so we can get out of here" Clara shouted to the Doctor. "Well,Clara since you got us stuck here you can carry something for me these will keep us safe because there will be something that could muck up the future here so we can't touch anything here ok " the Doctor said while walking out the door and looking at Clara.

As they walked out the door the Doctor set up a machine,it had a tea cup and a spoon on it and a umbrella "um Doctor what are you doing with those things"Clara said looking confused." Well while we are gone we don't want anything stealing the Tardis so i put a shield around it and only me and you can get in ok" the Doctor said putting the finishing touches on the the shield generator."Ok i'm not sure we will need one because we are in the middle of nowhere......"Clara shouted while turning in a circle.