Chapter Eleven: Secrets will only harm our relationship, my love.

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Chapter Eleven: Secrets will only harm our relationship, my love.

Wednesday afternoon.

LYDIA slid her fingers through George's as they both stood in front of each other. Both grinning like fools at each other.

Of course, they knew that losing wasn't something to be happy about, especially when it's an important match but they couldn't help it. Lydia knew George always left everything on the field and George knew he played his best.

"Chris is going to call you later and so is Kayla," Lydia told him, swinging their hands gently.

Rolling his eyes, George knew that Chris would call him but Kayla calling him was new. "Kayla was at Chris' dorm for milk or something," Lydia explained with a mischievous smile on her face.

She knows something I don't, George thought but didn't push her. He knew that Lydia couldn't keep secrets from him for long.

"Wanna get coffee?" Lydia asked him, hoping he couldn't see that she was hiding something from him. She promised Chris she wouldn't tell George but, knew deep down she'd break that promise.


The coffee burned his tongue as he drank it from the festive mug in front of him. George wasn't aware of Lydia's creased brows as he was looking everywhere but at her.

He didn't want to tell her that he was going to a party tonight and knew she'd want to come along. He knew she was pushing herself out of her comfort zone for him and he didn't want that.

He wanted her to do it for herself.

So, instead of telling Lydia about the party tonight, George let the coffee burn his throat.


I hate drama and gossip :/ though all my friends seem to love it.


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