We stayed tight as a group, Lucas and his scouts leading the way. Lolita and Amy both by my side, with the rest following. I could feel the buzz of excitement, nerves and hope running through each and everyone of them. And I felt proud, and happy and a whole few other emotions too. But I felt as if I belonged. These people, these hybrids whom understood what it means to be different, had entrusted me to the lead the way. It was a heavy burden, but one I would happily carry. Everyone needs hope, everyone needs to believe in someone or something. I prayed fervently that I could deliver.

Lucas and his scouts motioned for us to stop. Immediately we all did. It was like watching a well oiled machine, everyone working together as a cohesive whole. I could have easily stood there in awe watching them, if my attention wasn't needed elsewhere.

"Reve, there's two sentries and a Grey" Lucas whispered. I motioned to Elvira to come nearer and grasped her hand. "I know it's difficult, but I know you can do this" I hoped I gave her the confidence to carry out what we had discussed. She nodded her head and gripped my hand firmly. We all stood silently, as we awaited to see what would happen.

The Grey had become still, as had the two Draconians. It was if they were on pause. Lucas approached cautiously as, we all held our collective breath. He waved his hands in an almost comic gesture and still no response. I looked at Elvira, she was sweating now and the strain was beginning to show on her face. I gripped her hand harder, whilst motioning for the rest of the group to move, with Lucas leading.

Elvira had her eyes tightly shut and she was gripping my hand as if I was her lifeline, I looked up to see that the group had passed unhindered and I gently guided Elvira through the sentry post. It seemed to take forever, I felt her grip loosening and we wern't in the clear yet. So I picked her up none too gently and ran for all I was worth. We rounded the corner before I realised she's passed out, I saw her nose bleeding and I began to panic.

"Lucas! Amy!" I hissed, I needed their help. Lolita had already started to fuss over me, but I needed someone to help Elvira. It was Amy who helped, she had a bottle of water, which she held to Elvira's lips as she cradled her head. I wiped the blood away and was relieved to see her open her eyes.

"Don't frighten me like that again" I said to her, half jokingly. She gave me a wan smile and drank the water. It seemed to revive her a little.

"Where not out of the woods yet Reeve" He stood looking at me, I stood up and gently guided him away from the others.

"What is it?" I could sense he wanted to tell me something, but it was something I wouldn't like.

"There's five more sentries we're going to have to pass. And I know Elvira wont be able to get us through all five, not if that is what it does to her. She'll be dead on the second checkpoint." He was right, I hadn't considered that she would wear herself out so quickly. And it was obvious it had taken a lot off effort on her part to keep that mental block in place.

"Do you have another idea?" As I was all out.

"I know that these caverns run deeper, the whole reason the Draconians use this place as it used to be an old coal mining pit. There are hundreds of tunnels, but it might take us awhile to navigate our way out of here" He waited for my response, as I turned around and saw that everyone's attention was directed at me.

I sighed, we had no other choice. "Ok, we need to make sure we have enough provisions. Find someone who knows the caverns if that's possible. We have to keep moving, they'll realise we've gone soon enough". Lucas squeezed my shoulder as he walked by towards the group. He called a few others to him, as he carried out what needed to be done.

It was ten more minutes before we all headed out, following Lucas and his guide. Following towards what we hoped would be the beginning of the end. I kept a close eye on Elvira, she was much more steady on her feet but she was still too pale. Once she realised what we planned, she apologized to me. I told her that no apology was needed, she did what we asked of her, but I also explained I didn't want her dying on me. She kept quiet after that, but I felt her draw close to me.

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