Chapter 1

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I park my old BMW in the parking lot, I grab my bag from the backseat and I swing it over my shoulder hurrying up to statistics.

The wind blows through my long brown hair and I brush it out of my face. If I am one minute late to class Mr. Benoit will be very cranky.

I stop at the cafeteria quickly and I buy coffee to be able to stay awake in class. I can't wait to finally graduate college this year.

I get to Professor Benoit's class and everyone is already settled in. I check my watch and I'm only one minute late.

How the fuck are these people so punctual?

"I see you're late again Miss Fawn.." Mr. Benoit says as the whole class giggles.

Yes, out of about fifty students I am well known for being late.

"I was just one minute late"I argue as more people giggle.

"Well let's try to make it right on time next class Miss," he says as he turns around to show us a presentation.

I sigh today is going to be a long day.


Right after my last classes, I rush outside to my car to meet Chrissy my best friend at La Brie our favorite cafe.

I open up my door and throw my bag in the passenger seat. A hand brushes my waist and I turn around scared.

"Blake!!!"I exclaim annoyed.

"What the hell " I continue.

"I just wanted to talk to you," he says putting his hand on my shoulder.

I shrug and I remove his hand from me.

He can't touch me.....

"What do you want? Be quick I have to go" I say frustrated.

"Yeah so there is a party at my house this Friday, I just..... umm wanted to ask if you would come..." he says nervously.

"I'm sorry Blake..... I can't" I say.

"Well that's bad," he says sadly. "It would have been great if you were able to come" he quietly says as he runs his hand through his blonde hair.

"Yeah" I mutter.

I am used to this, turning boys down, missing out on fun things like parties and not being able to live my life.

"Well I'll see you around," Blake says walking away.

I get into my car, turn on the radio and pull out of the parking lot.

I drive lost in my thoughts, after ten minutes I get to La Brie and I walk inside looking around for Chrissy, I see her in a cozy corner reading. I walk to her and she smiles.

"Hey...." she says as she closes the book and I sit down.

"Hi" I reply as I sit down.

After catching up with each other I zone out but I feel Chrissy's eyes on me.

"What?" I ask.

"Spill.... everything" she replies, looking at me with interest.

Chrissy has a special talent for reading me, she see's right through me and I love her for that.

"..... Blake asked me to his party this Friday" I say quietly.

"I know you fucking lying!!" She says sitting at the edge of her chair.

"No, I'm not," I say pursing my lips.

"Wait.... you  mean Blake with the blonde hair, blue eyes, hot body, rich as fuck!!??" She says squealing.

"Shhh calm down," I say giggling.

She nods trying to suppress her excitement.

"And yes Chrissy that Blake," I say.


"Well, what?" I ask.

"Well, what did you say?" She asks reaching for my arm and shaking me.

"I said no," I say, she suddenly stops shaking me and looks at me shocked.

"You said no? But why? He perfect, he's hot, probably has a big dick-"

"Chrissy!" I snap cutting her off.

"Oh yeah.... sorry," she says flushed.

She ties her blonde hair into a bun and focuses back to me.

"Elaine? Is this about the mystery man thing? You can't tell me that because of that you're going to remain a virgin all through out college and miss out on an opportunity to actually meet boys." She says trying to advise me.

"Maybe it was just something to scare you out of sex before marriage" she adds raising her eyebrows.

"I'm sure that if this was something to scare me it will not last this long," I say calmly.

"I mean my fathers last words were Remember no boyfriends" I continue. I look at Chrissy and she bites her lips trying not to laugh, seeing her trying not to laugh is so funny I burst out laughing and she joins me too.

"Oh yeah let's casually laugh about my misfortunes," I say as we giggle.

After we calm down Chrissy places her hand on mine "Just think about it Elaine, it's Wednesday you have a few days to decide. Okay?" She asks.

"Okay" I reply her.

"Let's get going I'm tired I need a nap," Chrissy says as she gets up and packs her stuff. I also get up and we walk out of the cafe.

As soon we get to our apartment Chrissy goes to her room, undresses and falls on her bed fast asleep.

I try to sleep but I can't, I toss and turn. I knew I was sold to someone but a question I never asked myself was Who?

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