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"He looks as you the way that I would, does all the things, I know that I could" I sang to myself I wish by One Direction quietly as I walked into a clothing store in the mall. I looked over all the clothes looking for an excuse to buy something for myself. I had my long blonde hair in a messy bun and my green eyes skimmed all the racks of clothing not paying attention to the people and furniture in front of me when I suddenly felt a big strong body collide with mine, I jumped back in fright falling to the floor due to the sudden impact.

"Oh I'm so sorry!" I said getting up off the floor. I held a hand out to the boy in front of me. He looked a little disheveled. I could see curls fanning out of the big hat he was wearing but couldn't see his eyes through the tinted sunglasses and he had a...fake mustache on? What?

"Is that a fake mustache?" I quietly asked him trying not to rude. I let out a little giggle when he looked me in the eye. He had to be around the same age as me, but I couldn't tell with him wearing the sunglasses and mustache.

"Shh!" He said. Then his hat fell off. His head was covered with curls that weren't styled from the hat hair he had. I knew those curls from somewhere, it was on the tip of my tongue...

"Harry Styles?" I asked him. He looked up at me and I knew it was him, I knew it by his beautiful green eyes. Oh my god I ran into Harry Styles. Suddenly a girl turned around and saw him too he jaw dropped.

"HARRY STYLES!" She screamed. I heard Harry swear under his breath barely loud enough for me to hear. He grabbed my hand and we were running away from the billion girls chasing us. Harry pulled out his phone.

"Go to the front entrance" I heard him say and hang up. The girls were getting closer and I was trying to keep up with Harry, he wouldn't stop running, well it wasn't like we could stop. Why had he taken me with him anyway?

"This way" He said his voice deep. I followed him and I saw the tour bus with a One Direction picture on the side stopped in front of the entrance, yea because they won't get noticed in that or anything. We ran passed the doors and we were out and suddenly the bus door flung open and Harry was pulling me inside.

"GO!" He yelled and the bus started to shoot forward. Harry and I leaned over trying to catch our breath. I felt eyes on me and looked up to see the rest of One Direction staring up at me. I just kind of awkwardly stood there, to stunned to speak.

"Who are you?" Liam asked me politely. I looked to Harry and he must of known how confused I was so he spoke for me.

"She ran into me at topshop and another girl recognized me, I knew if I left her they would have attacked her and thought she was my girlfriend or something" He said quickly. They boys nodded understanding the situation.

"Hi I'm Louis!" Louis had grabbed my hand and started shaking it. I smiled not believing I was here meeting One Direction.

"Blake" I said back smiling up at him. Liam and Niall introduced themselves to me and Zayn just waved and smiled at me not bothering to get up I didn't blame him I mean wouldn't it be kinda awkward if some random girl from the mall showed up outta no where on your tour bus with one of your friends?

"So um what do we do from here?" I asked Harry. He shrugged and sat down next to me putting his head back against the seat.

"So Blake you live in London?" Liam asked me. I nodded.

"We're touring right now" He said trying to make a conversation I nodded going along with it knowing it was taking up the awkward silence that was bound to happen.

"Yea I know I tried getting some tickets but I couldn't" I said remembering when I had stayed up all night trying to get them only to find them sold out in about two seconds. I was so upset I had cried, yea I know weird.

"We could get you in there" Niall said with a mouthful of chips, I barely understood what he said so I raised my eyebrows giving him a confused look and he just laughed.

"Don't scare her away Niall!" Harry said. Niall smiled.

"Actually we could" Harry said thinking about it. I looked at them in disbelief.

"Would you like a backstage pass?" Harry asked me. I slowly nodded still thinking I was dreaming, I had to be dreaming.

"Okay well come with us tonight to the show" He told me.

"Thank you so much!" I said trying not to flip out. He just smiled at me with those cute dimples. Oh those Dimples.

First Chapter isn't that great but second chapter will be up soon thanks for reading you guys are amazing(:

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