Chapter 14

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You and the boys had driven back into the depths of the forest, to their house; your current home. It had gotten dark, the sky portraying multitude shades of dark blue, accentuated with the crescent moon radiating silver beams of white which came down as slim rays through the trees.

You head straight to the shower, turning the faucet on and letting the water embrace your skin. The shower is refreshing, washing away any lingering lethargy from your skin. After a few minutes of hot water streaming out the shower head, steam billows out in waves and covers every slick surface in the bathroom. 

It thickens the air, but clears your head.

You wrap a towel round your body, and exit the bathroom to go and fetch the new clothes you had bought. However, to your surprise you see Taehyung sprawled on the bed fiddling with his phone. He tilts his head, brown hair shifting.

As his eyes land on you, they ever so slightly widen, flickering down to your thighs where the towel stops.

''oh dayum!'' he whistles, wiggling his eyebrows while wearing a smug smirk.

''keep your eyebrows on your face before they fly off'' you scoff monotonously without showing any vestige of flutter.

''they called eyebrows cuz my eyes be browsing your fine ass'' he sticks his tongue out, his smug smile becoming infuriatingly cocky.

He puts his phone to the side and faces you stomach flat, bracing his elbows on the bed and rests his head on the upturned planes of his arms.

''What the hell do you think you're doing?''

''What the hell do you think you're doing in my room?'' he retorts, as you gulp. Just then, one of the boys walk past the room, stops for a second and looks back in again. Smirking, he whistles and walks away. You couldn't quiet catch who it was.

''Well, whatever'' you mumble, reaching for your clothes. You turn to look at him and his gaze still lingers on your body.

''I still haven't had this nights blood yet'' he mutters, licking his lips slowly. But you don't hear that part.

''Do you mind?'' you snap at him, as he undresses you with his eyes.


Trying to slow down the ravenous heat that raced through his system at the sight of you, he flopped to the side, averting his gaze and refocusing it back onto his phone.

You head back into the bathroom and get dressed into loose comfortable clothing, and when you get out again he's not in the room anymore.

Taehyung grabs his nights supply of deer blood and gulps it down. Deer blood quenched his thirst, but your blood was so tempting and appetizing it had him craving for more. It was the same for the other boys, but they resisted and held back.

Drowsiness seeps into your bones, and you slump onto the bed and squirm into the covers. Alone with your thoughts, you drown into your abyss of guilt.

After what seems like hours, your sleep is disrupted. Something big and hard falls on you, and you awake startled and gasp for air. The big hard thing suddenly falls of, and you emerge out the covers and breath heavily. Your eyes mirror another set of petrified eyes, and when your eyes adjust to the darkness you realise its Taehyung again.

''Oh my god'' you breath. ''What the fuck are you even doing on my bed?''

''Excuse me? This is MY bed! How am I meant to know you're hiding under the covers?''

You sigh and rub your temples. ''What time is it?''

''2 AM'' he replies. He was now layed beside you, staring up at the ceiling. You couldn't quiet make out what expression he was making because it was dark, the only source of illumination being the moon.

''So aren't you going to get off?'' you popped.

''It's my bed. You get off. Unless you want to sleep with me''

''Never'' you respond sleepily.

''So're going to have that body for the rest of your life and you won't give it to me for one night?'' he mutters. You remain silent.

''just kidding'' he says, coughing. You sigh again, and the bed creaks as he turns and faces you. ''Y/ something bothering you?'' he questions.

Your eyes widen, and you turn coming face to face with him. ''Why? Are you concerned?''

''yeah... I am'' his voice is just above a whisper. Your eyes soften when you meet his warm gaze. ''just kidding. I lied'' he grins, as you roll your eyes. ''It's just...'' he continues.

''I feel like...there's something you're not telling me. You make a really confused expression sometimes'' even in the darkness, you could see his crystal eyes glistening. You gulp.

''Does that mean you always stare at me?''

''No. I'm just observant!'' he defends, as you chuckle. You both turn silent, and you snuggle closer to the blanket impulsively moving closer to him. He tenses slightly, gulping and hides under the blanket.

''Stop being wierd and go to sleep'' you murmur, facing the other way again. The only sound prominent at that moment was steady breathing, inhaling and exhaling softly. Then suddenly, the bed slightly creaks again.

You almost spontaneously combust when you feel a warm breath wash over your skin. Soft lips tenderly brush over you, burning as they make contact with your neck. ''Tae sto-''

''Stay still'' the two words roll off his tongue like silk, and he continues his slow, sensual ascent up the column of your neck. You feel your head swimming, your mind evaporating, and all you could do was try to orient yourself among all the sensations he was creating within you.

He finally pulls back, breathing heavily. ''wow'' he breathes, licking his lips.

Perplexed and slightly aroused, you turn around and meet his gaze, eyebrows furrowed. ''What the heck did you just do?!'' you stammer, rubbing your neck as the touch of his kiss still lingered in your skin.

''I marked you. It's an embodiment that you belong to m-'' he paused, cringing at how cliche that sounded. ''-that you're part of our family'' he finished, and although he didn't realise it he had turned red. He actually just wanted to taste your skin, satisfy a bit of his inner vampire desires.

You raised an eyebrow, and smirked. ''Then...let me mark you too''

He almost chokes, turning to look at you incredulously. You lean closer, and pinch his neck so hard your finger goes numb. He yelps out in pain, covering his mouth and cursing under his breath. ''that should definitley make a mark'' you smile, grinning in artistic satisfaction.

And this time, trying to diminish the blush on your face, you shuffle away from him as far as possible, before something started again. You close your eyes, and finally allow the oblivion of sleep to suck you in.

You both had some great dreams that night.

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A/N: Would you like more Tae x Reader moments or some Bangtan x Reader moments too?

A/N: Would you like more Tae x Reader moments or some Bangtan x Reader moments too?

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