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Despite his fear, Cadell couldn't help but be amused when the hallucination and voice suddenly vanished. He had drowned his mind in superhero comics, manga and films for over a decade but never had he heard of a superhero with powers that only wanted to help just a tiny, tiny bit. If for some reason he created a comic book with Elijah, it sure as hell would be a comedy. Well, assuming he wasn't dead...

How can I escape restricted in a straight jacket, Mr Voice? Cadell thought.

How can I escape with only my heightened reflexes, Mr Voice? Cadell thought.

How can I escape without any fighting prowess, Mr Voice? I'm just some guy who-


The door flung off its hinges and slammed in front of Cadell with a loud clang. Two hazy figures, disfigured by smoke, leapt into the room. Cadell didn't even have time for his planned sarcastic remark as two hands grabbed him by the collar and flung him against a wall. His brain shook against his skull. Hard.

The world went black for a few seconds as a gloved fist struck into his jaw. Cadell's unsteady knees buckled, but he cleanly dodged three successive swings to the head.

And more importantly, he finally got a glimpse of his assailants.

He instantly recognised their sunken, pale faces creased with sharp lines. It was the two men who escorted him to the therapy room. The ones that had bled fountains of blood. Their strong bodies focused into a fighting stance.

"Wait!" Cadell said, shouting over the sirens. "Before you start hurting, maybe I can convince you not to kill me? First of all, as you can see, I am one hundred per cent completely defenceless so killing me is basically like killing a puppy and everyone likes puppies so-"

They both brought out knives.

Goodbye cruel world. Cadell thought.

The two guards circled Cadell for a short while, gradually closing the gap by mere centimetres until suddenly, they lashed out. Their knives relentlessly hacked and sliced through the air, but none of their attacks could find their mark.

Cadell darted around the room. His body evadingly twisted in awkward angles as he continuously ducked and whirled. It was, without a doubt, a mesmerising dance of absurdity. "Yikes!" Cadell cried as he heavily panted. "That was a close one! Nope, nope aaaand nope. You'll have to try harder than- AHHH SHIT, you almost got me!" He bent his neck backwards to avoid one guard's knife inches from his face but, almost simultaneously, a hulking frame from the side tackled him to the ground.

THUD! Terror overwhelmed Cadell immediately.

Pockets of air abandoned his lungs on impact, and oxygen was practically impossible to regain when 200 pounds of muscle crushed his chest.

"Hold him." A deep voice barked. "We do it as planned. He's not dying easy."

"We don't have time. I'm going slit this freak's-"


Cadell's head drove into the man's chin. The conditions were gloriously majestic: the guard was caught off guard and the momentum Cadell generated was just enough to rotate his opponent's brain like a living Rubik's cube. The large man only lost consciousness for a few seconds.

But that was all Cadell needed.

He hurled his body forwards to throw the guard off him and instantly began rolling away from the other dumbfounded guard whose attempt to pounce on him failed miserably.

Cadell scurried back to his feet. How the hell am I not dead?

The two men instantly got back up, desperately covering the exit.

"You don't deserve to live!" one of them roared "You grotesquely murder humans with a repulsive laugh, but you're still eating, shitting and consuming air?! You were born with no soul; do you hear me!?"

Tears ran down the man's glaring eyes. "Your kind ruined our lives and our families! After almost twenty years, we wanted to forget a tragedy but this city is still not safe from monsters!"

Cadell's heart shattered.

He watched as they both lunged, their knives hungry for blood. Their actions were swift and fluid but because of Cadell's extraordinary reaction time, they moved at a snail's pace to him.

And yet...

The knives pierced through his body. Blood immersed his straight jacket, and his body tensed. While falling backwards, a stream of thoughts glided him above intense pain and loud sounds. 

I'm sorry, Mum. I can't fulfil your wishes. I'm grateful for your love and your faith in me but you were wrong. My true colours showed themselves on that day. I'm something different. Something horrific.

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