final note.

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ok so i haven't written in this book since i turned eighteen (two years ago, as of october 2018) but i want you to know that i really did love dallas and her family and her story with dean but like wow why did i decide to make her a psychologist??? i don't know anything about that and like you have to be smart and i can't write someone that's smart

but anyway i originally had a plan on what i wanted to do with this book so here i am telling you if you even care to fucking read


i was going to play out the rest of season 3 aka apocalypse aka one of the million supernatural has ~~almost~~ gone through

and then i was going to write this chapter that was a cut in of dallas every single time dean died and by the last time she just asked castiel if she should set a plate for him for dinner the next night and idk why but i thought that was funny even though it's like SO fucked up

and then dallas was going to die and her dad sold his soul to crowley for her to live until she was supposed to naturally die, but it conveniently was also around the time that dean and crowley spent that summer together so crowley had a witch put on dallas for her to be a "bad version" of herself so that she would be merciless like dean and shit. sam locked them both in the same room for a week and dallas and dean fucked for a long time and sam had to separate them when they were sleeping and he was scared that one of them would wake up and kill him—it was gonna be fucked but fun to write

i haven't watched supernatural in so long so this is going to be all over the place as i remember the plot points

but whenever they find the bunker dallas LOSES IT- moves in so fast brings rosie and hannah- hannah goes back on the road, rosie doesn't stay long doesn't like being underground, misses the city, but does make sure to visit every so often. dallas also has quit hunting at this point because she doesn't want to die again.

she works out a deal with crowley (on the mega low) where he would give her money in exchange for her doing a few kills for him. she would go on to open a catering business a few towns away from the bunker, out of her house, and she would go back to the bunker when dean was there or he would sleep at her house and they would play pretend like they were normal aw

main thing to take away is that dallas left hunting twice, but has every single protection spell ever on her body so she's chillin ya know



real bad

fucks her up super bad and she's so sad and i can't remember what happens to his house but if it burnt down she is CRUSHED. (it was her only real home, like, ever)

she also always uses the stuff that she knew from being a psychologist all the time
like against monsters, against the season 8 guys that i can't remember how to spell their names and i don't even wanna try lols
also always against a demon 
shes so smart dally i love her too bad she's fuckin dead lmao

there's also like a lot of other stuff that I'm missing like i didn't include a lot of stuff from a bunch of seasons because i literally just don't have the time to watch the show anymore, there is so much to keep up with and it's so hard to track of

oh and there was supposed to be this really sweet email that she got from casey, who was like one of her new york friends through matt, and it was a video that he made about her because he found he very interesting, but he never did anything with it and he found the footage and sent it to her and it was a bunch of cute moments of her and matt wow adorable she then went to new york and thanked him and its like 2013 btw and idk if u know casey neistat but he's a super popular youtuber and he makes a video and shows a few clips of her from the video that he made in like 2001 or whatever and people think she's super cool and want to see her more, but casey never sees her again

dallas (post bunker) writes a memoir of her life, writing about how her mom died in a house fire and how her father never let them settle. she publishes it anonymously with rosie as her co-writer, and the first sentences are "if we met, you'll probably remember me, even though i probably didn't stick around for long. i was always at the back of your head, you were wondering where i am now, and here i am. on these pages." it's an instant hit. dean can't even believe that she can write, let alone write in a way that makes people want to know more. she never does another book though. she leaves people hanging after her college departure. it gets too messy after. news outlets offer her a lot of money for an exclusive interview every year, but she never does it. she likes her quiet life in kentucky.

and i dont know how it ends because it would have to involve dean and he's not done yet like there is so much that i just couldn't keep yup with anymore and it was just hard man

so i love dallas and stuff but her whole family dies and she probably would've died too

the end

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