Chapter Ten: Their Saviour and her love.

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Chapter Ten: Their Saviour and her love.

Wednesday noon.

LYDIA cheered along with the rest of the crowd as George scored the final touchdown of the match.

Though sadly it wasn't enough as the other team had already won. Kingston had lost their first match and you could tell by their faces that they weren't happy about it.

The team headed into the changing room while the crowd dispersed either to head to classes, the dorms or the locker rooms.

Lydia sighed as Chris' contact name flashed across her screen. Answering the call, Lydia shook her head," they lost."

She heard Chris groan, "you gotta be kidding me. How did he play?"

The atmosphere in the locker room was horrible. Though when coach Johnathon entered he somehow made it worse.

"I'm going to only say this once, if you all want to keep playing for Kingston. That better not happen again. You can and will lose matches but God, that match was brutal."

George's could hear his lecture from the shower, but he knew coach would want everyone looking at him while he spoke. Wrapping a towel around his waist, George walked out of the showers and over to his gear bag.

Though once he sat on the wooden bench he felt a hand on his shoulder," this boy here saved all your asses today, so buy him a drink or something because he deserves one."

A conversation then broke out about which bar they would all go to but George didn't want to go to a bar. He wanted to spend time with Lydia and let Chris annoy him with new conspiracy theories.

"Good game, Scott" Coach praised before walking out of the locker rooms. Not mentioning the scout.

Lydia grinned as George walked out of the locker room alongside Marlon. "I'll see you later?" Marlon asked him.

"Yeah," George nodded before making his way over to Lydia.


I have loads of homework to do but I also have a lot of ideas for this book. George and Lydia seem to win me over every time :)


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