Chapter 15: A Torch (II)

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Earlier that day...

(No-One's P.O.V.)

Pearl: "What do you mean you haven't seen him in 2 hours?!"

Lapis: "We're sorry, Pearl. I've been worried sick about him ever since he left. We got to continue... right now!"

Peridot: "Woah Lapis. Why do you care so much about him?"

Lapis blushed right after Peridot said that.

Lapis: "I don't know..."

Peridot: "Sure..."

Pearl: "Enough goofing around! Let's go find him."

Steven: "Ooh an adventure! Let me... just... get some... sleep first..."

Steven slowly fell to the soft sand and began to fall asleep.

Greg: "Gee, he must be really tired from our trip. Let me take him inside."

Pearl: "What about you? Garnet, Amethyst?"

Amethyst: "Naaah. He's probably fine, P. You're just overreacting, that's all."

Garnet: "Mhm. There's nothing (Y/N) can't manage. He's your boyfriend, not Steven. Besides. It was only 2 hours ago."

Pearl: "Fine. Then I'll just go all by myself!"

Lapis: "Can I come with you too? Four eyes can see better than two."

Pearl: "Alright. Can I ask you a question though?"

Lapis: "Go ahead."

Pearl: "Why are you still wearing his hoodie?"

Lapis: "Umm. It's comfortable."

Peridot: "What a liar! I've caught you sniffing on that hoodie this mmmm-!"

Lapis held her hand in front of Peridot's face.

Lapis: "She's just imagining things, trust me!"

She doesn't. Pearl noticed that and looked at Lapis with a raised eyebrow.

Pearl: "Should I worry about you?"

Lapis: "No. No. Of course not."

Pearl: "Alright. Connie?"

Connie: "Yes, madam?"

Pearl: "Where and when did you see (Y/N) the last time?"

Connie: "The last time we saw him was at Greg's car wash. Then he got a call from an unknown person and said that he had to go. On his own. He also said that it's important and got on walking to the woods."

Pearl: "Thank you, Connie. So that's where we first start." "Ready, Lapis?"

Lapis: "Ready when you are."

Lapis then took Pearl on her back and flew off to the Beach City Woods.

The both of them scouted for (Y/N), but all they could see was trees, logs and birds flying all around. But then they noticed something familiar in the distance.

Pearl: "Look! There's his car!"

Lapis flew down to the car and let Pearl down her back. A quick look into the car revealed that (Y/N)'s phone and a scarf were still in the car.

Pearl: "There's nothing in here! Except for a scarf...(Y/N) doesn't wear scarves though... Especially not red ones." She smells on it. "And he doesn't wear perfume... It has to be Lena's."

Lapis: "I hate to break it to you, but he said that Lena is visiting her mother in Empire City.

Pearl: "Do you think...?"

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