Chapter 16

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ew, this story is so boring now and stupid.

Around 10:30pm

"Whichever girl can beat me in basketball I'll give you $500 right now" Jeff pulls $500 out of his pocket "but if I win you gotta give me head" him and Matt laughs as Jessica makes a disgusted face.

"Ew jeff, shutup" she hits him in the arm as he puts the money back in his pocket.

"You're never too old to play hide and seek so let's play, we have a big ass house to hide in!" Jessica says.

"Yes, Not it!" All of them except Rachel yells as they laugh.

"Damn it, okay go hide" they all run to hide as Rachel covers her face and Anthony and Matt turns all the lights off.

"19, 20, ready or not, here I come!" Rachel looks around the whole game room first and finds no one so she leaves. She walks through the hallway looking through the closets first.

"Found you anthony!" She walks into the closet as he laughs then walks out.

Everyone comes out of their hiding places and walks to anthony and alexis.

"Alright, yall go hide" Anthony covers his eyes and begins to count as they all run off to hide again. Tiffany sneaks into a closet upstairs as Matt comes in behind her.

"Find your own-" tiffany gets cut off by Matt pushing her against the wall and kissing her.

"I just had to do that" he pulls away as she pulls him back in kissing him. she runs her tongue over his bottom lip as he sticks his tongue into her mouth and pulls her legs up around his waist. She hops off of him as she starts to stroke his dick through his pants as it gets hard.

"18,19,20, here I come" they can hear anthony yelling from downstairs.

"Fuck" he opens the door and walks out finding his own hiding place.

After 2 minutes Anthony walks into the living room and looks behind the couch.

"Found you jeff" Jeff stands with a laugh as he wipes himself off. They play a few more games then walks back into the living room.

Later 11:30pm

"So what yall wanna do now? Watch more movies or just go to bed?" Jessica asks as she grabs her some popcorn and eats it.

"I don't know about yall but I'm tired so I'm going to sleep" Anthony says as he stands.

"Maybe you need some company" rachel stands with a smirk. "Sure, we're taking one of the guest rooms" he grabs her hand as they walk upstairs.

Jessica puts on another movie as she sits back down next to drew, Matt sits next to tiffany and Jeff sits next to alexis.

"Say you're tired so we can finish this in the bedroom" tiffany whispers in Matt ear.

"Just wait a few minutes" tiffany rolls her eyes as she grabs a blanket covering her and Matt up with it.

"It's not eve-" Matt stops speaking as tiffany slips a hand into his sweats. "What are you doing?"

"Shutup" she slips her hands into his boxers as she starts to stroke his dick. "You're gonna do this right in front of all these people?"

"I don't care about them, their not even watching" she starts to stroke him faster as he leans back on the couch and groans low so no one can hear. After a few more minutes of stroking him he cums.

"Damn, be right back" he stands and walks upstairs to the bathroom. A few minutes later he comes back downstairs covering them both up.

"Now your turn, and we both know you can't hold back your moans" he smirks as he slips a hand into her leggings but she removes his hand.

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