Sequel - Part 10

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Now that Nandu's family had come looking for her and Nandu was comfortable around Manik, Abhi decided to prepare Nandu from his side for the future.

Abhi : "Pari, I have to tell you something important. Come and sit here."

Nandu sat down and Abhi held Nandu's hand.

Abhi : "First i will tell you about my past. I had a sister and she was everything for me. She fell into a river and drowned and I lost her forever. I managed to survive for few months. But later I felt that there was no point in me living alone grieving for her. I decided to end my life at the same place I lost her."

Abhi : "But then I saw you struggling to save yourself. Being a doctor by profession how could I let you drown. So I saved you and treated you immediately.When you gained conscious, you didn't remember anything."

Abhi : "I couldn't leave you alone, so I got you with me. I gave your details at the police station,but no one came looking for you. I began to see my sister in you. So I told you the same."

Abhi : "I don't know if I was there on that day to save your life or you were there to save mine. But you are the reason I am alive."

Abhi : "I thought you should know about it. Your family may come looking for you in the future and you may have to go back to them."

Nandu : "Do you feel I am a burden on you Bhai?"

Abhi : "No, not at all. You may not be my sister by blood, but I still love and care for you like my own sister."

Nandu : "Then why do you want me to go and stay with people whom I don't remember."

Abhi : "There may be people who care and love you, who may be waiting for your return. I know what it is to lose a loved one. I can't be selfish and have you for myself."

Abhi : "You can stay with me as long as you want. But you are free to go when you remember about your family or they come looking for you."

Nandu : "If I go, What about you Bhai? You will become alone again."

Abhi : "Don't worry about me, I won't try to kill myself. I have realized that I couldn't save my sister, but as a doctor I can save lot of other lives. And you will still be there for me, right? You have to pay me a visit now and then. Otherwise I will land up at your place."

At office, Soha continued with her tricks to get closer to Manik.

Soha was standing next to Manik and Manik was sitting in his chair and looking at a file. Soha moved closer to Manik. Manik was engrossed in the file and didn't realize. Soha pretended to lose balance and was planning to fall into his lap. But at the same instant, Manik remembered something and moved along with his chair(office chair with wheels) to get another file from the nearby shelf.

So Soha fell flat on the floor instead of his lap. She was embarrassed and managed to getup immediately.

No matter what Soha tried, things didn't work to her advantage. Little did she know she didn't stand a chance to enter Manik's life and the person who had already taken that place was in that room right in front of her.

Initially, Manik started taking out Nandu in the name of meeting clients. Later, Manik started taking her with him telling that he had some work and there was nothing for Nandu to do when he isn't around, so she could join him. Slowly, with time, they had become good friends.

Manik tried to reintroduce Nandu to her likes and tried to figure out what she remembers and what she doesn't. Manik didn't know what could help Nandu trigger her memories, so he was trying different things.

Manik and Nandini were in the car and it started raining. Nandu was looking outside with mixed emotions. Manik knew how much Nandu loved the rains.

Manik : "Do you like rain?"

Nandu : "I do. I want to go out in the rain, but haven't so far. If I go and fall sick, Bhai will get worried.Already he is always concerned about me."

Manik : "Would you like to go out now? Anyways we are close to your house, I can drop you home and you can change immediately, then you won't fall sick."

Nandu was excited. Manik found a spot where there weren't many people around and stopped the car. Nandu got out of the car and started playing in the rain. Manik stood at a distance and was watching her.

The moments Manik had spent with Nandu in the rain in the past came to his mind. The first time was on her birthday. Then he started thinking of the first rain after they realized their feelings for each other.


Nandu was playing in the rain as usual, but she stopped suddenly when she felt Manik's intense gaze on her. She was feeling shy and was looking at the ground.

Manik : "What happened? Why did you stop?"

Nandu : "The way you are seeing me."

Manik : "Can't I see you like this?"

Nandu : "I feel I will melt under your intense gaze."

Manik made Nandu look towards him. She was shivering under his touch. After a little cuddling and kissing in the rain, Manik carried Nandu to their bedroom and made her lay down on the bed. He got carried away in the moment and began to get intimate with Nandu. Nandu didn't stop him, but Manik realized what he was doing and stopped.

Manik : "I am sorry. I got carried away. You could have stopped me if you weren't comfortable."

Manik got up and was about to move away from her, but Nandu pulled him towards her and gave her consent.

Though Nandu was the first to realize her feelings, when it came to physical intimacy she had her own inhibitions. They had started with small gestures but hadn't consummated their marriage yet. Nandu was still hesitant. Manik had kept his desires aside as he cared about her.

Manik's love and care for Nandu surpassed her inhibitions.They had consummated their marriage on that day. After that as days passed, they had shared a lot of sizzling moments in the rain.

Flashback ends...

Manik came back to reality. Unaware of Manik's thoughts, Nandu was innocently playing in the rain like a little kid. After all it was her first experience in the rain after her accident. Currently, the situation was much similar to how it was on Nandu's first birthday with Manik. They were married but didn't share a husband-wife relationship. They were just friends.

Manik's first priority was Nandu's happiness, rest were all secondary. Manik told her she could go out in the rain, but only realized later what it might lead to if he stays close to Nandu. That was the reason Manik chose to stay at a distance. He didn't want Nandu to feel uncomfortable and he didn't want to end up doing something which would make things awkward between them.

Manik called Nandu back. Once she got into the car, he gave her a towel to dry herself. He bought her a hot beverage from a coffee shop nearby. Manik dropped her home and reminded her to change immediately. After Nandu went inside, Manik left.

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