Chapter 1

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My name is Alessandra Ambrosio and I am 17 years old. My dad died in his mission when I was 6 years old and my mother just dissapeared off the face of the earth. Leaving no trace behind.

But there was a thing that they did leave me with, and that was Gavin. He used to be my parent's boss, and now they're mine. He knew how much I missed my mom, and although he had no idea what happened to her, he promised me that he would train me to be an assassin. Just like mym other. So now, hnot only is he the father figure in my life, he's also my boss. Every mission I get is organized by him.

"What about purple?"

"No! Navy and gold. Everybody loves navy and gold."

"Are you crazy? It's ALL ABOUT THE PURPLE!"

Right now, my friends Emily and Sofia are in the middle of a nail polish color feud. They're trying to pick a color for me to wear to my one year anniversairy with a boyfriend I am in love with, but it sucks that he doesn't know about all of me.

He just thinks I'm a normal girl who has a dad who goes on business trips a lot. They've been at this for twenty minutes.

I think I should pick, or I’ll miss my date altogether.

Clearing my throat, I tried to get their attention, “Guys… I think I’ll just go with coral.”

That immediately stopped them from glaring at each other, and shared an agreeing smile. Finally.

“I still think purple is the way to go,” Linda started, “But it’s your anniversary. You get to call the shots.”

After messing up our nails many times and a burned clump of my hair, three hours later, I can finally say that I’m ready. I couldn’t thank my friends enough time for helping me every time I had a date.

They would always be here and helping me get ready for school and choosing me outfits whenever we hang out, because as an assassin, you miss out on these things during your childhood. That's why Gavin wanted me to attend highschool and go on dates.

But they can't find out about my secret. I’m sure they wouldn’t want to be my friend anyway if they knew what a cold blooded killer I am.

And if they knew, they’d have to die.

After many attempts of persuasions, they finally left my small North Hollywood located house that I bought near the school. Gavin would usually come down and stay for a few days so they think that Gavin is my dad who goes on too many business trips.

 I know that he secretly enjoys pretending to be my dad, he would always be embarrassing me with fake stories. And, I think it would be pretty suspicious if I told them I lived in a mediterranean mansion in Beverley Hills.

Exiting the house and locking the front door, I headed to my second hand Honda Civic to drive back to my home in Beverley Hills. This is also used to conceal my double life as an assassin.

- - -

After driving for twenty minutes, I spot my silver Ashton Martin that I got for my birthday gift from Gavin peaking outside of my iron gated fence.

Reaching up to the face detector surveillance camera, I pressed the speaker intercom.

I cleared my voice, getting ready to impersonate a Domino’s pizza man, because I know Gavin is obsessed with the pizza.

“Hello, Gavin residence.”