Chapter Forty Two- Fear

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It was still nearly sunset and Mei along with a few officers would be boarding craft 4R in minutes. He said he'd send Mei off at dusk, but dusk would too late. He had other things he had to do before his father arrived and he needed her gone before he landed on Ekeqon.

He had to let go Commander Gein Founer and Issia Zouf along with Mei so it looked like it had been his plan all along. They would be sent to the main Revive base in the Alluminq System on planet Xion. It was becoming a top base for the Revive. He had picked the location based on two reasons. Due to it's prosperity Mei won't have to move around so she'll be safe in one place, and Xion was similar to her home planet. She would adjust well. With time she would forget him.

The officers willingly went aboard first.

Gein and Issia boarded next, Mei taking her time. She was stalling, with the hope time could change his mind. Stalling ate away his time. His patience began to grow thin. 

After saying goodbye to a few of her officer friends she began down the line of his four generals. General Juo Aimes, Serri Dunt, and Hal Lander stood side by side to General Sokolov, Jav being last. The goodbyes were brief in passing with the generals. Mei hadn't become close to any of them, at least to his understanding. Mei and him were the closest. After her goodbye and salute to General Sokolov, she walked to face Jav. 

This had to be a former farewell with all the other generals and officers watching closely, or Mei would have tried to pull something. He saw it in her eyes as she faced him now. He knew she was angry but she was powerless at stopping her departure.

"Lead Commander Jav," Mei held a breath, as if she was about to implode an explosion of pain and words in his direction.

Before she could speak, he nodded slightly, "I'm confident you'll succeed on Xion. General Hoff is awaiting your presence to start your command immediately."

"I am pleased with my transfer. I infer we will cross paths in the future on Xion when you visit for monthly assessments?" Her words wouldn't have sounded sanguine to anyone but him. This was code if he would be contacting her or seeing her.

"Unlikely, General Wen, my assignments are well above evaluations of Revive bases for a long time." Jav hardened his face. He didn't want her to find the pain that could easily be shown on  if it wasn't for his practice. He did feel loss in losing her. He had grown to care for her as a close friend. Now he had to tear that away from him and Mei. He thought he would have learned from the first time this happened. From the loss of his mother. He had grown weaker than he thought.

"That's all you have to say?" Mei whispered coldly.

"It's over Mei. You can't get yourself out of this."

All the hope left her eyes, and the muscles in her cheek tensed. Darkness rose in her and it wouldn't fade. "Thank you sir," she extended her hand, and he took it. "I don't know how I can ever thank you for this experience." Her hand held on tight, and she let her hand stay a moment too long. Something strange occurred in him as she turned and boarded the craft, letting go of his hand. A new feeling whirled within him. A feeling so foreign he wanted to rip it out of him. A feeling so paralyzing that his heart screamed.

A realization tore into his mind. Mei's ability wasn't just blocking others abilities but it was projecting them onto others. Mei had given him the feeling of fear.

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