Chapter Nine: I'll always be proud of you, my dear.

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Chapter Nine: I'll always be proud of you, my dear.

Wednesday Morning.

THE cold air hit George's skin as he left the changing room and ran onto the pitch for the warm-up.

Coach was pissed to say the least, as the majority of the team was hungover though some guys were better than others. Dodging Marlon's sloppy tackle, George frowned. How are we supposed to win like this?

Lydia laughed as Aaron told her about Mandy's attempt at making him a homemade meal. Thankfully the apartment didn't go on fire, Lydia thought as she sat on the bleachers.

She was wrapped in a coat and wearing one of George's beanies, "you guys make a cute couple," she admitted. Sure, Mandy wasn't the nicest to her in high school but her brother fell in love with her and for him, Lydia was willing to give Mandy a chance. Only for Aaron.

"Scott," she heard George's coach yell, making Lydia's eyebrows furrow. Why was he picking on George?

Aaron heard the name being yelled and decided to end the call, letting his sister focus on her boyfriend.

Moving closer to the pitch, Lydia heard a few lines of their conversation and knew not to guess what they were talking about but she did anyway. Her heart raced in her chest and a proud grin made its way onto her face.

George's head was fully in the game knowing he had to play his best and carry the team to victory. Especially after what coach told him.

Being the youngest on the pitch, George knew he was at a disadvantage but thankfully the older guys in the team had sobered up enough that they could play. Though that didn't mean they'd play to the best of their ability.

As the whistle blew for the match to commence George heard Lydia yell his name from the stands.

I need to play for her.


All I do is listen to music :/ I have an unhealthy obsession :))


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