The Man

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Alex woke up and instead of everyone being gone like they usually were they were all sitting on the small sofa that was in the cabin. "Shouldn't you guys be on work assignment," she asked after she got washed and dressed and joined them on the sofa. "Mike told us that we were going with you up to Clancy's office today," Chubs said. "Okay, then we should probably head then" Alex said putting on her leather jacket. Zu toom her hand and they all headed up to Clancy's office.

When they arrived at his office the door was open, so they all walked in. There was man standing next to Clancy, an adult. He was taller than everyone in the room, he had brown hair with a sad excuse of a beard, he had a stern look on his face and Alex knew she recognised him from somewhere but she didn't know where, then it clicked, it was the same man who attacked her in the woods 2 months ago, out of instinct she grabbed Liam's hand who was standing beside her and he knew something was wrong because he let her, giving her a sympathetic look. "Guys, I'd like you to meet Mark, he's an ex camp guard, he worked in the Caledonia camp, this is Liam, Zu, Chubs and-"Clancy said being cut off by Mark, "Alex, we've meet before," he said looking her dead in the eye. "How do you him?" Liam asked her. "He worked in the camp I was in, he killed my best friend Emma and tried to kill me that night in the forest," Alex said, refusing to take her eyes of him as she spoke, purely out of fear. After she said that, Liam placed a protective arm around her. "Well, how about we put the past behind us?" Clancy spoke up after a couple seconds of awkwardness passed. "How about we don't, HE KILLED MY BEST FRIEND," Alex said, well more like yelled. "She tried to kill me, it was purely out of self-defence," Mark said trying to justify his actions. "She was 12, she didn't know what her powers did, she let out a tiny spark of electricity and you put a bullet in her head and what about when you tried to kill me, was I trying to kill you, no I was trying to get to freedom, you're the one who started shooting at me," she said as vivid memories of that night came flooding back. "SHE DID MORE THAN LET OUT A TINY SPARK OF ELECTRICTY, SHE KILLED ALL THE LIGHTS AND FIRED BOLTS OF ELECTRICITY AT ME, " Mark yelled as he stepped forward, inching closer to Alex. "AND WHAT ABOUT ME? WHAT DID I DO? DID I FIRE BOLTS OF ELECTRICITY AT YOU? DID I NEARLY KILL YOU? NO, I DIDN'T. IT WAS YOU WHO FIRED THE FIRST SHOT AT ME, I DIDN'T EVEN HURT YOU THAT NIGHT. IT WAS YOU, WHO STABBED ME AND LEFT ME TO DIE," she yelled back at him, inching closer to him . Alex hated this guy with every ounce of her being. "YOU THINK I WANTED TO KILL YOU, YOU'RE A PURPLE, I DIDN'T HAVE A CHOICE," he yelled back. "OF COURSE YOU WANTED TO KILL ME, YOU WERE A GUARD, IT WAS YOUR JOB. IF YOU DIDN'T WANT KILL PEOPLE YOU WOULDN'T HAVE TAKEN THE JOB IN THE FIRST," she replied. Did this guy really think you would fall for his story. Alex thought. "I NEVER WANTED TO HURT YOU, when I found out it was you I hurt, I wanted kill myself because they told me I killed you and I was relieved when I found out it wasn't true because if it was true I couldn't live with myself," Mark said taking a step back. "WHY DO YOU FUCKING CARE, YOU DON'T KNOW ME," she yelled back. "I CARE BECAUSE I'M YOUR FATHER, I could never hurt my little girl," he said his voice quieter than before. "BULLSHIT," she yelled. "I'm your dad," he said. As he said that she stepped back and grabbed Liam's hand and she saw that he had the same shocked expression as Chubs and Zu did.

Is this guy really my dad? The guy I've been scared of for months, it couldn't be. I mean now that I think about it, we do look similar but like not crazy similar, you would have to be looking for it. Then Alex heard Liam yelling and she were pulled out of your thoughts. "DON'T TOUCH HER," he yelled as she realised Mark was getting closer, so out of instinct she moved behind Liam. "SHE'S MY DAUGHTER AND YOU'RE WHAT SOME STUPID BLUE," Mark yelled back. With that final remark she moved out from behind Liam and you felt her eyes turn purple and in less than a second Mark was thrown up against the wall. Mark got up onto to his feet and Alex saw him take his gun out from behind his back, then he pulled the trigger. BANG.

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