Chapter Eight: A classic game of truth or dare.

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Chapter Eight: A classic game of truth or dare.

Tuesday night.

LYDIA sat in between George and Freya, grinning as a group of people played the classic party game. Truth or dare.

Yet, Lydia didn't want to get asked because after seeing a couple of people's dares she'd rather just watch. Though the pink-haired girl across from her had other ideas.

"Truth or dare, Lydia?" She asked the brunette, whose grin was beginning to fall.

George glanced at Lydia, trying to figure out what thoughts were going through her head. What was she gonna pick?

"Truth," Lydia said confidently, smiling at the pink-haired girl who somehow knew her name.

Nodding, she smirked at Lydia, "Are you a virgin?"

Lydia's eyebrows furrowed but nonetheless, she answered the question, "yeah."

George could feel a few eyes on him as Lydia answer the question, he knew they all thought that they'd both done 'it.'

He knew they'd find it weird but he didn't care about their opinion. He wasn't going to rush Lydia into doing something she wasn't comfortable with.

She was worth the wait.

Wrapping his arm around Lydia's waist, George felt her relax as if she needed to know he didn't care. It was Lydia's body and her choice.

Lydia turned to Freya and smiled, "truth or dare?"

The game went on, secrets were spilt and drinks were drank until George decided to call it a night.

"Do you mind if we leave now?" George whispered to Lydia, who was taking a sip of water in her cup.

She figured if George wasn't drinking tonight then neither would she. She didn't want to be watching his match hungover. His match.

Lydia gasped, looking up at George who was smiling, yet she could see he was tired. Yet, he was staying here for her.

"Yeah, let's go home," she said, taking his hand in hers and leading him out of the frat house.

Smiling, George's heart raced at the word home. She was his home.


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