Chapter 18

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Kuro had officially managed to escape from all of the troublesome 'makeovers' of where they needed to style his hair in a way that he deemed 'a pain to do' and those makeovers where they'll put excessive amounts of makeup on him,and where they'll dress him up in a suit.

He (like the older brother he was) made sure that Hyde was given the same amount of freedom he had, so that the blonde wouldn't have to do anything that he felt uncomfortable in doing.

They decided,in the horror of everyone else's eyes, to just wear their everyday attire which was his usual blue coat and black shirts plus white pants underneath,topped with his black boots,and for Hyde's...

...Nah,explaining his usual attire was a pain so he'll rather not do that.

The rest protested against it; and when he said 'the rest',he meant Misono,Lily,Hugh and Freyja— okay nope, she didn't care because she claimed that this was to be expected (albeit she glared at them angrily).

Izuna was cool about it because she could sense that they really didn't want to go big on this selection and would rather feel comfortable in their own skin.

He guessed that she immediately understood their intentions behind their stupid choice and he respected her for being quick-minded,but apparently, the rest weren't as smart as her and they asked for a reason behind their choice.

Jeje and Mikuni weren't included in that list because they simply didn't care and wanted to stay out of it.

Before Hyde could go and answer it with his Shakespeare riddles and quotes,Kuro instantly answered their question with a 'simple' answer.

"If our Eves only see us in the rich suits that we have and not our casual wear,then I'll rather not go at all.They'll judge the rich-us,not us.That's like judging our masks instead of our actual skin. If they can't even accept us for who we truly are then screw this Selection,I'm not wasting my time here."

And that inspirational(?) speech he gave shut them all up,even Hyde who was gaping his mouth at him in awe.

Izuna was quick to settle the situation and told everybody to just go along with his and Hyde's decision and everything would be done,and the rest agreed.

Misono inquired him about why Hyde came back unconscious and before he could blabber about that 'reincarnated Licht-Tan that he was still adamant to find',he quickly told him that he hit a bar on the way there like a drunk guy.

Hyde glared at him but he didn't care,and even though Misono didn't believe that lie,he just left it off like that.

Misono and Lily said they'd be out for some fresh air for a bit and they'll go to the venue when everything is done,and that somebody should just call them when that time comes.

So here everybody was,making sure everything was perfect,and Hyde and Kuro were sitting in the guest room of their mansion.

Kuro was playing his games while being half-sprawled on the couch that he fully occupied and Hyde was just staring at nothingness on the other couch; their couches were separated by a coffee table or a living room table,per se.


This caused Kuro to peek an eye at Hyde,who was staring at him intently,so intently that he decided that it would be a pain to maintain eye contact and diverted his eyes back to his game,"What?"

Hyde shifted his gaze to his hands that were on his lap,and then he muttered softly,"I...don't want to partake in this Selection..."

"Sorry,what?I can't hear you.Lawless,speak louder, the game is louder than even your own usually-loud voice," Kuro blatantly pointed out while trying to defeat a boss in his game in the PSP.

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