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It has been decided! This story will have a series of crossovers. The next one together with the Avengers. This chapter will just be the ending of a Hogwarts crossover. 

''Percy!'' Girl's shrieks sounded in the great hall as the demigods held their ears, unable to cope with the high pitched squeals. 

''Hannah!'' Boy's yells echoed in the hallways as the children of the gods held their heads, cursing their luck to Cho's mother. 

''Will you be my partner for the Yule ball!?'' Both boys and girls, students of Hogwarts screamed in unison. Yes. the Yule Ball, as it was the final year for the Demigods, Dumbledore had allowed a ball to be the grand finale of the school year. 

Witches and Wizards alike challenged themselves to create the most powerful love potion, love spell, praying to Aphrodite and Venus, wishing for their dreams to be together with their love to come true, not knowing that the said goddess was up in Olympus, looking at Hannah and Percy, shipping them hard, jumping up and down, giggling like a maniac every time Percy whispered something cute to Hannah. 

''No.'' Percy and Hannah tried to reject them as politely as possible, though the rejectees would cry every time they were rejected. 

A few witches smirked evilly as Percy drank from a goblet sitting on the table, oblivious, or so as it seemed, that there was a love potion sneaked into it. He drank it, and the girls prepared themselves, trying to reveal as much of their non-existent cleavage. They applied another cake of makeup on their faces and reviewed their lines. Percy stood up and walked over to the ladies. His lopsided grin plastered on his face as he approached them. One of them fainted and had to be removed by another student. The witches looked at him, eye-raping him, which Hannah nearly growled aloud at. 

''Hello ladies, I am so sorry to inform you, but as you probably already knew, I am taken. By my girlfriend. So if you want a boyfriend, seduce someone who isn't taken, also, if you're going to flirt, do it by your self, not with the help of magic. Besides, you aren't going to get anyone to love you if you open your legs to any hot guy you see.'' He walked off as the girls fell to their knees, embarrassed and ashamed, their skin feeling slightly acidic as his words burned them. Percy looked at a random spot in the room, straight into Aphrodite's eyes and conveyed a message. 

Aphrodite understood almost immediately and smirked. She snapped her fingers and the sluts gasped. With a thud, all the makeup and spells the witches were wearing dropped into the ground. The girls who stood there with their mouth agape were completely different from who they were before, their tan skin now pale and freckly, brown dots dusting even their foreheads. Their blue and green eyes now black and brown, contacts also gone, together with the makeup. Their eyebrows shaved off so that they could draw better ones, their hair turning to brown and red from their raven and blonde hair. 

The girls were beautiful as themselves, but thought that blondes with blue eyes were more attractive, or ravenettes with green eyes were more gorgeous. They ran out of the hall, crying and yelling profanities at Hannah and Aphrodite. The school rubbed their necks awkwardly, slowly walking out of the great hall, trying not to be discovered by the truth seeking eyes of Perseus Jackson. 

The demigods laughed at the once strong natured wizards, and continued to eat their breakfast, ignoring the curses Cho sent at the students, for vandalising her 'otp'. 

The day had come, the Yule Ball, and the eve of the final day at school. Cho squealed as she saw the girls walk out of the changing rooms, still without makeup, because she volunteered herself to do that. Luna was in a black dress with a rainbow at the bottom, expressing her mother perfectly. her hair in a messy up-do, at the back of her head. 

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