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Taehyung purely liked how people would get onto their knees to beg for his help but hearing those pity words from the boy in front of him just makes things go uneasy for him. He leans in closer to the smaller frame who already had crystal tears in his eyes.

"Look, I won't do anything to the café, so you don't need to worry." Hoseok sniffs as he looks up to the male. "Promise." The male gives him a light smile then turns his back to sit back on his seat.

"I'll be going back home this evening, prepare me dinner. I'm sure you can do that, my new tenant." Hoseok felt his heart go uneasy that the man called him that nickname but as long as he doesn't need to leave the house, it's fine right?

"Y-yes. I will." Hoseok bowed and thanking him a few times before leaving, but sadly Taehyung didn't give him a single look. Hoseok didn't mind thought but to him, Taehyung seemed to be the weirdest person he ever met..

He flopped down onto the sofa, if it was a regular day he'll just end up going to his room but he didn't find the urge to do so. He stares at the clock which was showing almost to five. Right, he was stuck in traffic so it bought some time for him to get back home.

Prepare dinner for me...

"Ugh! What does he think I am, his slave?" Hoseok shouted out through the empty walls, he lazily got up onto his feet to the kitchen. He just didn't know what to make, he went to the fridge and could just think to reheat the kimchi.

Hoseok didn't take any second thoughts, he does what his brain said. He was been nice at the moment, so he fried someone beef and rice to go well with the main dish. After a while of his 'cooking' he sat back of the sofa as he watched the tv for a while.

Hoseok woke up from his sleep, he wasn't expecting to sleep but turns out the went out of cold after a stressful day. Weirdly, he found himself on his bed. He heavily made his was to the curtains to notice the view outside was still at dawn.

"How did I got here?" Hoseok grabbed his towel and had a light cold shower to start up the day. One thing still running across his mind though, did that Taehyung guy really stayed in his home last night.

He then takes out a white plain tee and some baby blue shorts, of course it was the only thing he loved to wear. Hoseok wasn't much of a weather guy but his guts do tell him that it might be a sunny day. Just as Hoseok was about to open the door, suddenly-

"Well, looks like little kitten's awake." Taehyung said in a raspy and low tone voice but it nearly gave Hoseok a damn heart attack anyways.

"Yeah I'm awake and who's your little kitten, huh?" Hoseok glares at the male, if Taehyung kept being like this Hoseok might as well blew up already but if they do fight, there doesn't seem to be a chance for Hoseok to win judging by their height differences.

Hoseok storms out from the room and quickly noticed a devine scent coming from the lower floor. Turns out Taehyung managed to make pancakes for the day. At least he was kind enough to make some for Hoseok.

"Wouldn't want to have your day without breakfast now, would you?"

Hoseok was taken at back with Taehyung's strange behavior, he wanted to say no but the male seemed to be kind of nice today. 'it's okay Hoseok, he's being in a good mood today. let's just role with it..' he whispered to himself as he walked towards to the table.

Taehyung followed him from behind, he was supposed to head to work half an hour ago but he just thought maybe he should loosen things up with Hoseok a bit. Now that the older male doesn't remember his old life, things are going to be a lot more harder.  Hoseok didn't say anything as if he was no longer his friendliness around others. This in fact made Taehyung nervous in his whole body.

"I should take you to class."

"n-no, there's no need. I can go there by myself." Hoseok stammered a bit as he tried to reject the male's request to drive him to the university. He didn't want to act rude but he was being considerate knowing that Taehyung should've gone off to work now.

"nope, I insist."

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