26. People die in War

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Rey lay on the falcon waiting. Waiting to go out, lightsaber in hand and potentially fight Ben. She wasn't ready, she wasn't ready to fight him. Could she bring herself to destroy him? No of course not. She didn't have it in her. But if he truly was evil and was never going to return to the light, if the decision arouse wouldn't it be better for the galaxy. Deep down she knew what she had to do, for the sake of the galaxy. But to kill the man she loved would be impossible. She would feel forever guilty, she see his eyes in her children's as they grew up without their father. She knew what it was like to not have a father or mother and she always was searching for them in others. First in Han, then Luke and now in Leia. Could she do that to her children? Or could she bring Ben back? Convince him to come home and raise their children with her.

They had been through so much, surely once he saw her he would realise the truth. He would come home. "Rey?" Rey sat up to see Leia was standing in front of her. For the first time since she met the General she wasn't wearing her usual fancy clothing instead she was dressed in warm leggings and a top with a thick jacket. "Sorry I nearly fell asleep, this two don't allow me much time to sleep in the night." Said Rey with a slight chuckle, touching her stomach. Leia smiled and sat down next to her.

Leia took a deep breath. "The leaders have had a vote."

"Is everything okay Leia? What have they voted on?" Rey asked. Leia shook her head, "It has been decided that during the battle you are to face Kylo Ren again."

Rey's heart dropped. No she had to bring him back. There was good in him, once he saw her he would come home. "They want me to kill him." She said quietly.

Leia nodded. "Leia there is good in him, I know it. I can bring him back." Rey said holding back tears. "It was not my decision." Said Leia standing.

"I can't raise them without him." Rey said looking down at her stomach. Leia sighed, "I'm so sorry." She said walking away and into the cockpit. Rey put her elbows onto the table, her head in her hands and she cried. She couldn't do it, she couldn't kill him. She wouldn't kill him, if she could only bring him back.
A few hours later Rey was standing by the doors of the falcon, lightsaber in her hands. Finn was standing next to her, a blaster in his. "You ready?" He Asked turning to her.

Rey nodded, "As ready as I'll ever be." She said tightening her grip on her lightsaber. The ramp of the falcon lowered and they both took a deep breath before running down and into the battle.

Chaos surrounded them, above tie fighters and x-wings were rapidly shooting at each other, several falling down and into the snow. Rey felt a shiver go down her spine, like Star Killer it was freezing and snow surrounded her. Stormtroopers were running towards them and the other resistance troops, firing rapidly. She ignited her lightsaber and blocked their blasts, sending them right back and hitting several of them in the chest.

"WE NEED TO GET INSIDE!" Shouted Finn. Rey kicked a stormtrooper to the ground before slicing them across the chest with her lightsaber, "I'LL RUN YOU COVER FOR ME!" She Shouted back. Pushing stormtroopers out of her Rey ran towards the base, it wasn't far to go, but for a pregnant women it was tiring.

Stopping in front of three stormtroopers she began to swing her lightsaber, screaming as she hit them.


Rey turned to see Keira running towards her, a large blaster around in her arms. She had really come into the battle. "KEIRA GET TO A SHIP NOW!" Rey Shouted, it was too dangerous for anyone to be on the battle field let alone someone as young as Keira.

Keira finally reached her, shooting down stormtroopers as she approached. "I'm coming with you." She said.

Rey nodded, at least she was safe if Keira was with her. Leading the way, they ran in the direction of the base, Finn following quickly behind.

Reaching the large door, Rey opened the security code keypad and began to hotwire it. "I'll cover you." Said Keira holding out her blaster and shooting at approaching stormtroopers. Rey pulled and twisted various wires.

"Freeze." Rey turned to see a stormtrooper standing opposite her, their blaster pointed directly at her.

Then everything went into slow motion. The stormtrooper firing, Keira screaming and jumping in front of her. Rey catching her as she fell backwards.

Pushing the stormtrooper away, Rey sat down into the cold snowy ground, pulling the young girl into her lap. "Keira, oh my gods, Keira." She said.

"Look who's the hero now." Said Keira with a slight chuckle. Rey smiled at her humour, "We'll get you a medical transport, just hold on please."

"Rey, you're going to make a great Mom one day." Keira croaked, her breathing weak. "No Keira don't say your goodbyes." Rey said holding back her tears. She couldn't die, her whole life had been torture growing up on Jakku, and her life had barely started. "People die in war Rey, but you are going to live, you're our hero Rey" Said Keira smiling at her. Keira looked up at the sky, "I always thought I would die on Jakku, I never dreamt of seeing the stars, but now I have." Said Keira. "But now I.... I.... have." Her head dropped to the side, and Rey could no longer hear her weak breathing.

Tears fell down her cheeks as she pulled Keira too her chest crying. "Rey we have to go." Said Finn crouching down next to her, "I can't leave her." Rey said crying.

"Rey you need to go, I'll get her to the falcon I promise." Finn said looking into her eyes. Rey nodded and past Keira's lifeless body to him before standing and walking into the cold base, somehow everything felt so much worse.

The place had been deserted, officers must of fled once they heard of the resistance's arrival. Rey walked through, her feet making a crunching sound with each step. She could sense his presence, he was definitely here. Rey gulped as she turned a corner into a dark control room. He was close very close, "Ben." She croaked, her teeth chattering from the cold. A sudden red light appeared in the darkness. Rey pulled out her own lightsaber and ignited it, she wasn't going to make the first move. Suddenly the light was coming towards towards her, bringing up her lightsaber in front of her the two swords clashed together. Kylo Ren pulled back before swinging again, Rey quickly blocked it and pushed back. In a flurry of light their blades continued to clash together. Rey stepped back and turned the corner back into the main corridor, Kylo turned round the corner and their lightsabers met again, "Ben come back to me!" Rey said gasping for breath, force she was tired. "Why should I do anything you tell me? Scavenger." Kylo spat. Rey raised her foot and kicked him back, "Ben please." Rey begged backing away. Their blades lowered, "Ben Solo is dead."

Rey shook her head, tears forming in her eyes, "I thought I knew you, you've changed so much."

"I've changed for the better, join me Rey, we can rule the galaxy." Said Kylo. Why was he doing this? Why was he giving her this chance. Through tears Rey said, "I don't know you anymore,  Ben you're breaking my heart, you're going down that path again and I can't follow."

"You never loved me, you said it yourself. I won't let you fool me again." Kylo snarled.

"Ben stop this, come back to me. We can go home, I care about you." Rey cried.

"LIAR!" Kylo shouted looking over her shoulder, Finn was standing a few feet away, "You're with him, you came here to kill me!"

"NO! NO!" Rey cried out looking at both men. Kylo stretched out his hand and Rey felt her throat tighten. Her hands flew to her neck, "Ben please." She croaked.


Kylo immediately released Rey as he heard the same voices he heard earlier. Rey gasped and fell to the ground. Kylo had small tears in his eyes as looked at her unconscious body lying on the ground.

"YOU BASTARD!" Shouted Finn raising his blaster, instead of aiming it at Kylo he shot the ceiling, ice fell to the ground separating him and Rey from the monster.

Finn rushed to Rey's side, her leggings were wet, her water had broken.

Rey was in labor.

I'm so evil! I wanted to use bits from Anidala in here but wasn't sure how, hope you enjoyed it though!

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