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"Jisung do you wanna hang out tomorrow i got something important to tell you"minho said while looking at jisung seriously but it only made jisung smile.

"I don't mind as long as it's minho hyung" jisung said while giggling seeing jisung little laugh made minho smile who wouldn't love this squirrel looking boy he would lit up the world and minho would thank him.

"Alright well i will see you tomorrow just wear whateved makes you comfortable" minho said which made the younger nod and smile widely well that means he will not take ages tomorrow to find clothes.

Ok that was a lie jisung had literally spended 3 hours straight- oh sorry i mean gay trying to find clothes to wear he was right now with only a towel on his waist panicking "ughh what should i wear-" jisung said till he got cut off by a door bell shittttttttt I'm screwed ok fuck i will wear this yellow hoodie and this ripped jeans jisung thought as he puts his clothes on fast and style his hair fast not forgetting his phone of course.

"HyungI'msosorryfortakingsolongtogetdressedforgivemeplease"jisung rapped his words which made the older laugh at his and ruffle his hair "it's alright lets just go" "where?" the squirrel looking boy questioned but the older only gave him smile and dragged him.

Omg this place is damn beautiful the shorter thought loud which mad the oldest chuckle and agree with him, right now they were on a tower and they could see everything which was a beautiful sight specially that it was night time and the light were on it was just so romantic and pretty it was so jisung's type of date he just wanted to older to kiss him...oh fuck that was a mistake jisung was right now a whole tomato making the older laugh and back hug him.

"Jisung-ahh listen to me carefully" minho said turning jisung to face him. "Jisung your beautiful and a caring person your personality is amazing and your voice is soothing i just want you to know not to forget our dream to become idols your singing is angelic like your face your laugh makes my day your smile lits the world you try to act all cool but it ends up cute you try so hard to reach your goal and i adore you for it when you told me you liked seungmin my heart broke because at that moment i wanted to believe i have no chance but i didn't give up han jisung what I'm trying to say is that i love you" minho confessed with a smile on his face.

And that's when it hitted jisung does he love his hyung too or not but he knew his answer looking into minho eyes smiling softly and said

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"I'm sorry"
Sooo one more chapter y'all and this book will officially be done

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