chapter 22

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The New Year has passed and you celebrated it with your family and friends as you all gathered together in watching the exploding lights. You announced resolutions that you will never keep and you prepared various kinds of roasted meat, vegetables, and scrumptious desserts. It was tiring, but you enjoyed it very much.

The school was reopened and you had to go to your classes. As you walked towards there, you hoped for the best that you won't screw anything up, or say something nasty in front of your crush, Adrien.

You sighed. You only wished that Alya would keep her mouth shut.

Finally, you arrived at the classroom, greeting Alya with a hug. "Hey," she said.


The two of you went to your respective seats besides Nathaniel. Adrien, Marinette and Alix were upfront and Ms. Bustier had just came in.

"Good morning, students."

She asked all of you to tell your fellow students how your New Year went. Everyone did. Luka and Juleka told the whole class how they celebrated the holidays and how they received gifts. Ellie said that her mother's cafe was just reopened and Alya was estatic with a new phone in her possession.

Then, you were all told to take out your notes and copy the writings on the board. Because you were sitting between Alya and Nathaniel, the tomato-colored haired boy simply asked you for help.

He sat at your left end. "Hey," he whispered. "I can't quite see. Can I borrow your notes later?"

"Sure," you answered without looking. You glanced up the board and wrote diligently. Nathaniel beside you, neglected his own notes and began doodling in his art pad. You sighed in annoyingness. You were surprised he can stil pass his classes.

It was now lunchtime.

You grabbed the tray filled with your supposed lunch and went to find your table with Nathaniel and Alya.

Nathaniel was not social unlike Alya who has s colorful personality, but it was easy to make him smile and laugh.

"Hey, guys." You sat down after placing your tray on the table.

Alya greeted back while Nathaniel only gave you a simple nod. You scoffed quietly to his usual social skills, but at the same time, you really wanted him to open up to you and just talk.

"So," you started, scooting a little bit closer. "Nathaniel. Want to open up to me about... anything?" You internally winced at your attempt.

You saw him gulp visibly. You must've made him uncomfortable, but you almost didn't care. You decided to tell him what he did not know.

"I saw a page of your art pad full of Marinette's portrait."

That made him jump from his seat. He was blushing madly, his cheeks were almost reaching the color of his hair.
He scrambled to hide his flustered face. You and Alya laughed at his actions.

"Come on, Nathaniel," urged Alya. "We know you like her."

Nathaniel flinched. "Drawing her face twenty times a day does not mean I like her!"

You silently gave him a look telling him, 'you were saying?'

He soon realized what he said and immediately took back everything. "Wait, it's a joke! I-... I only sketch her for like 3 times-"

"Just give up, Nathan." You crossed your arms. "You are caught red-faced."

He gave up, resting his head on his arms. You patted his red hair, muttering  comforts jokingly.

However, Adrien saw your gesture and decided to make fun of you.

"Aww. You're so sweet, Y/N!" He teased. "You and Nathaniel are so close, and look at him blushing!"

You glared at him, your hand slowly retracting and going down to your shoe.

"Y/N and Nathaniel sitting on a tree~" Adrien sang with a grin. "~k.i.s.s.i.n--"

The shoe was thrown directly into the target's chest. He grunted in pain. You quickly stood up and went to retrieve your footwear. Nino was laughing out loud but, of course, being his best friend, he helped Adrien up.


The next class was with Ms. Mendeleiev (haven't you noticed she and Bustier are the only teachers)

As usual, you sat next to Nathaniel in the front row. He was busy drawing on his sketchbook and he was muttering something under his breath. "She was crying for help. Luckily, the Mightillustrator came to the rescue!" Nathaniel, widely grinned, his face close to the pages. You tried to listen to Ms. Mendeleiev's lessons, but the boy next to you was getting ecstatic and you actually thought his stories were cool. "Thank you, Mightillustrator, praised Marinette." He said in the most girly voice he could muster. "How could I ever repay you?"

"How about... a kiss?" Nathaniel said in a heroic tone. You winced so hard that you failed to notice Ms. Mendeleiev approaching close. You saw him drew Marinette leaning her close-lipped face towards, what you presume, Nathaniel's hero persona. Page by page, the drawing leaned closer, until-


"Mr. Kurtzberg," her hand was placed roughly on the surface and the table shook. You saw his turquoise eyes stared upward in Ms. Mendeleiev. She was furious. "How dare you interrupt my class with your nonsense?" Her finger pointed to the door. "Detention. Now."

Nathaniel scrambled up to pick his things. He wanted to escape this embarrassing moment. Fortunately, no one laughed. He passed by in front of you, so you had the chance to mouth him a 'sorry', before he left. Mendeleiev continued her class before writing the formulas on the board. You sighed, but gave in, taking the binder out and wrote the notes.

While writing, you felt someone sat down beside you, taking their own notebook with them. It made you jumped slightly, so you took a glimpse at the perpetrator. It was him. 

He flashed a kind smile. "Hey, mind if I sit here for the rest of the class? I really can't see." 

You returned an uneasy one. "Um, sure."

He continued to scribble on his pages as you slowly turn your head and look for a certain person behind him. You finally saw Alya, sending you wink. You rolled your eyes in response and went back to write. 

end of chapter twenty-two


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