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Author POV

You were sitting on the couch, relaxing to some songs. "They call me! Baepsae~" you sang, bobbing your head to the music.

"Y/n, I'm going out to see Hoseok," he informed you before going out. "Ok kitten, have a good time!" You sighed. You haven't been able to have time to hang out with Yoongi for a while. 

"I'm such a bad owner..." you muttered. You felt guilty, for some reason. Perhaps the reason why Yoongi hangs out with Hoseok so much is that he's lonely. Or he's just gay for him. Well, you don't blame him. If you were a guy you would go gay for him.

You stood up, ready to get some work down. BEinG thE excELLEnT person you are, you have procrastinated too much. This left you with a shit ton of work to get done. Jungkook doesn't seem to like him yet. He's fine with his presence, but wouldn't consider him a friend.

"Noona~ let's play!" he ran up to you. You blushed, "W-what?" He looked at you in disbelief. "I didn't mean sex, I meant if we could play Mario together." You facepalmed. 

What happened to my innocent mind?

"Not right now, Kookie," you said, "I have a lot of work to do." His face saddened. He muttered a faint, "Ok" before walking away. Suddenly you had an idea. 



"So, you want me? To play with Yoongi?" Jungkook stared at you in disbelief. "Its Hyung to you, brat," Yoongi corrected, "Why must be the first thing that happens when I come back."

You sighed, "If you don't fight for the entire day, I'll buy you cookies." They immediately stopped. The power of food. You chuckled, "Now, I need to buy groceries. I have cameras in the room. I'll know if you fought or not."

Those words caused the two hybrids to stiffen. "Shit," they both thought. You turned your back to grab your purse. The two boys glared at each other before putting on a fake smile. 

"Hyung! I loVe yOU sOOOOOO muCH," Jungkook said, trying not to puke. 

"AWWWW! KOoKiE I JUSt loVEE yOU sOOO MuCH aS weLL!!!!111"

You giggled to yourself. "Bye!" You then headed out the door.


"Why must noona be so mean," Jungkook pouted as he laid on the floor, "All I wanted was to play Mario Cart with noona." Yoongi groaned, "Will you just shut the fu-" he was cut off as Jungkook pointed the camera, "Uh, wanna play some video games?"

Jungkook smirked, "I don't only want to play video games." Yoongi gulped, "Then was do you want to play?" 

Jungkook licked his lips as he looked at Yoongi, "Something we will both...really enjoy."  Yoongi lowered his head in embarrassment. Blushing, Yoongi asked, "You want to play...that game?"

"Yes, kitten," he replied in a deep and raspy tone. A tone that could make anyone's panties fall off.

"B-but, that's just wrong!" he argued, "I'm not playing that game."  Jungkook licked his lips once more, "Yes, you will." Jungkook grabbed his arm, pulling him towards himself. He lowered his head to meet Yoongi's eyes. "Nothing could stop me."


"BITCH IT HURTS!" Yoongi screamed. "Calm down! It's just a little bit of pain!" Jungkook yelled.

"My left hand is now a right one I swear to god!" Yoongi yelled as Jungkook flicked the spinner. "Let's see what's next," he looked at the spinner, "Right leg on red." 

"Hoe, I can't do this anymore!" he whined, "There's a reason why I hate Twister." Jungkook evilly grinned, "And there's a reason why I wanted you to play this game."

"Evil brat!" Yoongi cursed. "Hyung, noona said no fighting~" Jungkook faked an innocent tone. He rolled his eyes. "It's your time to shine now...Jungcook."

Jungkook whined, "Nooo~~" Yoongi had a sadistic smirk on his face, "You're precious noona told us that we had to play nice."

"Ugh, fine." Yoongi got off the mat and flicked the spinner. "Ok so, right hand on blue." Jungkook sighed before placing his hand on a blue circle. "Ok, next is left leg on red." He placed his leg on a red circle.

" is!" Yoongi was about to continue his sentence when Jungkook evilly looked at him. "Why the fuck are you looking at me like that?" Yoongi asked.

"Because..." Suddenly JUngkook attacked him, throwing him on the floor. Yoongi groaned, "Brat, you're getting it now," Yoongi said before tackling on the floor. Playfully punching him in the gut before tickling the shit out of him.

"H-hyung S-stop i-it!" Jungkook managed to say. "Not until you say Yoongi is the most handsome, coolest, and a genius."

"No!" Jungkook said before flipping him around. Now Jungkook was tickling Yoongi. "Yah!" he said before laughing his ass out. 

After a few minutes of fighting, they laid on the floor, panting. Jungkook stood up, reaching out for Yoongi. Yoongi grabbed his hand.

"That was fun," Jungkook said as he pulled him up. "Yeah," he said, before Jungkook slipped, falling on Yoongi.

"Oh what the flower-" 

Jungkook landing on top on Yoongi with his eyes wide open. Yoongi's eyes were wide open. They were frozen.

Their lips were on each other.

"Hey guys I'm back-" you stopped as you saw the scene in front of you. Jungkook on top of Yoongi. Their lips connected. The pulled apart as they look at you.

Jungkook quickly stood up. "Y-y/n it's not what-"

"Damn, if I knew you two were gay, I could've gotten so much free porn," you said.

"IM NOT GAY!" they both yelled.


A/n: ill make a pt 2 out of this. lol i had fun writing this.

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