Chapter Twenty Six

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I cough and splutter for a moment.

"What do you want with me?" I gasp, my voice finally free, as dry and croaky as it may be. I look in the direction of my driving captor, but through my blindfold I can see nothing but inky darkness.

There is no reply. They drive carefully, not wanting to look suspicious on the streets of the Loyalty Pack. Street Watch lurks at night for any activity. However, I doubt they will be able to see a blindfolded girl behind the cars headlights. And with the quietness of my captor, I'm assuming they have this well played out.

"If you're trying to spite Ren, you picked the wrong person," I insist. "I'm just his assistant, nothing more. I doubt he will give you much money for my life."

Still, nothing.

That doesn't stop me, as I try to persist, wanting to provoke some kind of answer from him. "You can let me go right now. Just stop and push me out of the car and you won't have to deal with me again, and you won't get in trouble. I promise I won't even go back to the island, I'll find another place. Any that will take me-"

"You truly don't have much dignity, do you?"

I freeze, the voice of my captor so familiar I immediately become aware of who has taken me right of my bed in the middle of the night. Chase. His voice is so much deeper and huskier than Ren's. There is no mistaking who has taken me.

"You've made a mistake," I mutter, my body relaxing into my seat. I in no way feel any safer, but at least I know who Chase is, and that by morning, Ren will be here, and he will take me right home and apologise. It's just a matter of making sure Chase doesn't do anything stupid while we are gone.

"There isn't any mistake. And Ren won't be there to save you," I hear him say.

Swallowing uncomfortably, I try not to let that get to me, knowing it can't be true. "And why might that be, Chase?"

"I have more control then you might think. All you need to know is we are going somewhere safe. Somewhere no one can get to us," he tells me. I can't see him, but I know he is being serious, my heart jumping into my throat. He really is taking me somewhere I may never be able to escape from.

Pulling at my binds, I try loosen the rope, but nothing works. Finally, Chase cuts the rope from my wrists, letting myself untangle. It was a relief after the burn they were leaving. Quickly, I swipe the blindfold off my face, blinking a few times to adjust.

We aren't in the Loyalty Pack anymore.

We cruise down a straight road, cars passing us, but none knowing what is going on within this car. It's swamp like around us, flat and endless in all directions.

Looking beside me, I eye Chase. He looks at the road blankly, no emotion there. No remorse for dragging me away from the island for a reason he hasn't told me yet. There's no doubting it's Chase over Ren. That voice, his attitude and demeanor, and of course, when he glances at me, that icy blue eye is blazing.

"Why do you want me? Why are you doing this?" I snap.

"Reveal my motives right away? What fun would that be?" he jokes, raising his eyebrow at me. I only glare in response. I'm not interested in his games. He is trying to mess with me to confuse me, and it bothers me that it is working.

I was going to question him further, however, trees start appearing, getting denser with every mile we go. Then, a small civilisation appears. These aren't all that common, considering most people prefer to live within a Pack environment. So I'm surprised when we approach.

"We stay here for the day, then we start driving again tomorrow evening. We will wait within a hotel room," Chase tells me cooly.

That can't be good.

We park up outside a motel. Everything here is run down and not particularly looking very well, however, Chase doesn't seem to mind. As long as we are concealed for the day tomorrow. More time for me to figure out his motive, if he is willing to give me anymore.

"I know you're not stupid enough to say a word to anyone, but if you do, I hope you know the punishment won't be to your liking," he mutters before he steps out of the car.

As much as I don't want to, I don't say a word.

He gets a us a room with no effort at all. No one is going to question an Alpha coming to get a room in their motel, especially when they are claiming to be on a business trip. And I, his assistant will be accompanying him.

Once we get up to the room, Chase locks it behind him. And with no window, there is no hope for escape.

"Get on the bed," he says suddenly.

I freeze, turning around to look at him. He looks more intimidating than last time when he was in Ren's clothing. He wears dark clothing, his shirt tight to his chest, sleeves reaching his wrists before being covered in black leather gloves. He hasn't taken them off yet either.

"What did you say?"

"I said get on the bed," he demands.

His expression looks bored, but I know not to mess with him. The best way to get out of this is to gain his trust and get Ren to reappear. So reluctantly, I get onto the bed, pressing myself up against the headboard. Chase approaches the side of the bed I lay on, looking callous and undeterred.

From his back pocket, he pulls a small cable tie out, and begins tying my wrists to the headboard, ignoring any of my protests or pleading.

Chase steps back, looking at me. "I think I like you like this."

And that was all he said before he turned around and left through the door, leaving me tied to the bed, completely helpless and alone.


I've also just posted the second novel in the Immortal series (in no way in correlation to book one which is Fate

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It's Time!

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