Chapter Twenty Six

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I'm not sure what made me head to bed so late.

I had to be honest and tell myself how much I enjoyed last night talking to Nick and the rest of the landscapers. It felt good to not worry about all that is going on with Ren and Chase. I could relax and have normal discussion with normal people. Turns out that despite being a hopeless flirt, Nick is a genuine person who has many interesting stories. He's excited about working here too on the Alpha's island.

After everyone dispersed by midnight, we all headed to bed. It didn't take long for the entire group of girls to fall asleep, dreaming about charming contractors. They didn't even stay up to gossip like I thought they would.

I waited for everyone to sleep, which didn't take too long, before everyone was passed out. And it didn't take me too long to join them.

That was before I was abruptly woken.

My shoulders were grabbed first so tightly it ruptured my sleep, forcing me awake. Before I could gasp or help, something cotton was shoved into my mouth, soaking up all moisture, muffling my voice. Through the darkness, I struggle, trying to wrestle with my attacker. There's no hope, though, as they hold me down by my wrists.

No one wakes around me as thick rope is tied around my wrists and ankles, and I'm picked up, sling over a broad, strong shoulder. They don't touch me, covered from head to toe. They don't want to be caught.

Once they pull me out of the room, they only stop to wrap something around my eyes. Then, they pick me up over their shoulder again, and the disorientation starts. From there I can't tell where I am being taken, but I know it's through the estate. No one will be out at this time.

I'm getting kidnaped.

It took some considering but I decided not to struggle. They weren't going to put me down any time soon, and I best conserve my energy. Especially now that they are taking me outside, their gait not stopping for anything, even as I can feel them step down rocky terrain. They must be strong, which doesn't help narrow down where I'm being taken. All I know is we are heading down, maybe toward the port.

Panic begins to set in once I realise, however, that they are taking me off this island.

I'm placed onto a boat, the structure swaying on the waves, turning my stomach. I'm not sure where abouts I've been left, but it's not comfortable. The hardwood floor of the boat digs into my shoulder, lasting the entire boat ride to the island before I couldn't imagine dealing with it any longer. The finally, we arrive, the boat hitting the docks gently before it was tied up properly.

I'm not sure how they are getting away with this. The docks might not be heavily guarded, but people linger around, so unless they took me to another port, or there are other people involved helping.

They don't even pretend to hide me.

Slinging me over their shoulders again, I feel them step off the boat, shuddering for only a moment. Who do I know who has such strength to pick me up and carry me places with no issue at all. Or maybe I don't know them at all, and I'm being taken off the island as some kind of revenge plot against Ren. Although I don't know why they would target me...

Either way, my struggling means nothing. No one comes to my rescue, either. Once I'm placed into a car and the door is slammed behind me, my heart sinks. I don't know how I'm going to get out of this?

The stranger joins me in the car, starting it immediately. While it idles, I feel them tug the cloth out of my mouth, the leather of their gloves touching me for only a moment.

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