Chapter Twenty Two

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My entire body becomes aware of everything around me.

Slowly I turn around, but I only see an empty room, the sound of Charlie's machine wheezing and purring throughout the room. Yet chills creeping down my back confirm the odd feeling that someone is watching me. Where from, I'm not sure, but it makes me refuse to turn back around, waiting for someone to come out.

"It's okay, Brielle," Charlie says gently, although her voice is shaking. I glance at her. She isn't calm but she isn't freaking out like I am. "He's not here. I mean he's everywhere, but only at night. You need to go now."

Turning back around, I grab her hands. It's a part of her so fully bandaged I doubt she can even feel my touch. "No, I'm not leaving you here."

"Brielle...He's done with me."

It seemed as though all the hope drained out of her eyes as she said that. For a moment I was confused, until I realised she blames herself for this. Maybe she feels guilty. Does she sympathise for whoever this is that's done this to her? This Chase figure who I've gathered sneaks around here at night praying on innocent girls.

"How will I know who he is? What does he look like?" I ask, glancing over my shoulder to make sure no one is lurking behind us, ready to silence me before I can release this information to everyone else.

Charlie's eyes widen. "Just like our Alpha. But also he is nothing like him. Dead in the eyes, crazed and insane."

Her words make my stomach turn in realisation.

Just as I was about to voice my suspicions, someone flicks the light off and then back on so quickly my heart jumps in surprise and I whirl around. For a moment, I assumed I would turn around to see this Chase figure standing there, in the perfect place to trap me in and take me away like he did to Charlie.

Instead, it's just Mabel, standing there, arms crossed over her chest, fiery red hair braided into two seperate plaits. "What are you doing Brielle? Weren't you the one enforcing the rule that we all have to stay in bed?"

"You nearly killed me," I huff, holding my hand over my chest as my heart struggles to slow down. "What a scare."

Mabel rolled her eyes. "Let Charlie sleep."

Sighing deeply, I back away a few steps from Charlie. Being here is probably putting her in more danger anyway, and Mabel will surely pry if I stick around. So I follow her to the door, stopping at the entrance to look back at Charlie. She stares at me, looking tense. There's more she wants to tell me, but I can tell she won't right now.

"Remember, you need to get out of here as soon as you can," Charlie says quickly. "Don't think you can save him."

As I left, her words haunted me.


I rose early to prepare for my day. It will be an overnight trip onto the mainland for a reason I'm not sure of yet, so I pack as much as I own - which isn't much - in preparation. Tucked in the front of my pack is the diary belonging to Ren. Only because I'm sure the girls will find it while I'm gone.

I'm ordered to meet Ren in the foyer by day break. As drowsy as I was from a lack of sleep - Charlie's words haunting me all through the night - I put on a bright smile when I approached him.

I can't let him know what's inside my head.

"Good morning," Ren greets. His voice is husky due to the early morning. It sends a shiver down my spine, but I quickly brush it away. "I apologise about this early start. But it is better that we get to the island early."

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