Chapter Eighteen

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Everyone emerges at once.

Lila and Esme come out from the bedroom, oblivious to what had happened, giggling and nudging each other as if they couldn't believe they pulled this off. Mabel stepped out of the closet, a wicked smile plastered across her face. The moment I see it, I know for a fact she overheard what was said.

When Mabel grabs my arm, I know exactly what she plans to say. "Well well, who would have thought the Alpha's little assistant was also the centre of all his affections. Actually, we all could have guessed it."

Esme and Lila exchange glances, not quite catching on. They must have just been out of radius of the conversation.

"We should get out of here now before they come back," I say quickly.

Knowing I'm dismissing her, Mabel's grip on my arm tightens. Either I'm in denial, or not, but I'm sure Ren has no interest in me, and that girl was overreacting. She is just jealous and has no idea that what goes on between Ren and I is surely platonic. It won't be easy convincing Mabel of that, though.

"You heard them," Mabel says, unable to conceal the glint in her eyes. "She knows all the time you spend with Ren. She knows something is going on between you two. Why don't you tell us all about it."

My cheeks flush, reaching for an excuse. It shouldn't be so hard to find. There's nothing going on between Ren and I. All he wants is for me to work beside him. To help him.

Before I can say anything, Lila pipes in. "Are you trying to say the Alpha is into Brielle? Come, you've got to be kidding me. This shouldn't even be something we talk about. I mean, no offence Bri, but he's an Alpha and he will surely only want a powerful mate. Maybe you could be his mistress."


I try not to let it get to me, as right as they most likely are. Mabel is only prying because she wants the Alpha's attention over everyone else, and Lila is only being straight forward because she's also interested in the Alpha. But they are right...

"None of this matters. They are going to be back soon and we need to get out of here. You know we will lose our jobs if we stick around," I insist, motioning to the stairwell we should be going up.

Finally, they all agree, knowing we are short of time.

Wordlessly, we all stalk back up the stairs and out of the basement area, closing the door behind us. It was only when we were further down the hallway around the corner that I started to calm down. Maybe we had gotten away with it. Maybe we has seen what we shouldn't have, but got to get away with our jobs.

I believed that until we turned another corner, Mabel and Lila gossiping and whispering about something - probably me - and we saw Ren walking toward us.

It all shocked us so deeply, we stopped dead in our tracks. If Ren thought we are suspicious for being up this late, this will only escalate it. As he approaches, I push Mabel's back, trying to urge her to keep walking.

"You girls are up late," Ren says lightly as he gets closer.

He's still shirtless, and I swear that blue eye of his is so vivid and brighter than usual. Maybe it's just the dim light, but there is something different about him. Maybe he feels most comfortable under a cloak of darkness, and the true him comes out. At least now I know what he is truly like.

"We were running a late errand for one of our leaders," Mabel says quickly. At least her excuse skills are something to be admired.

Ren's gaze flickers to me, and I cast my gaze down. He's not interested in me, and I'm foolish to have that come to mind. He's just wondering why I'm out here with these three girls, when I should be resting for all the work I have to do tomorrow.

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