Chapter Sixteen

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This is a bad idea.

I'm not sure why these girls think they are going to get away with this. Naturally, Mabel found out only moments after we decided to leave, and joined along too. So it was myself, Mabel, Lila and two other girls whose names I don't remember that snuck from the servants sleeping quarters and into the hallways that leads all throughout Ren's estate.

Lila stops us once we were out, managing to not get caught past the first threshold. "Okay, where are we going to first?"

Folding my arms uncomfortably, I don't add in my say. As much as I want to turn around to avoid seeking trouble, I won't be able to sleep knowing they are wandering around Ren's estate. At least if we get caught, I can come up with an excuse.

"Wasn't this your idea?" one girl asks.

She's skeptical like I am, but came with us to avoid being left behind. Esme, I believe her name is. Lila glares at her, her expression suddenly so sinister under the dim lamps that light the hallway. They flicker across her face, casting dark shadows under her eyes. I doubt any of us are as serious about this as she is.

"You know what, fine," Lila says, "We'll go with my idea. I saw a locked door all the way at the other side of the estate. It's not on any maps, and I know for a fact Mabel knows how to unlock doors with hair pins."

Everyone glances at Mabel, who shakes her head, uneffected. I wouldn't put it past Mabel to pull something off like that. She seems like the type of girl to get in trouble often.

I decide I better put a stop to this. "If it's locked, it's locked for a reason."

Once again, Lila dismisses me, pretending like I didn't say anything. I was hoping me coming along would stop them from doing anything too crazy, like getting into a room which is clearly private for Alpha Ren's viewing only, however, it doesn't seem as though any of them want to listen to me.

"It's typical of Ren's personal assistant to try stop this," Lila says sourly, not even looking at me but at Esme and Mabel. "She's scared we are going to find something incriminating."

No one says anything. Including me. Instead, I follow behind them as they walk down the hallway, not worried that there might be consequences. Even as they walk, I continue to try convince them this is a bad idea, and we will lose out jobs if we are caught, but all they replied with was that I could return back to the room if I was so afraid.

I considered it.

It might not be my dream job, but I'm earning money here I won't earn anywhere else, and I can't lose it. And working for Ren has been...nice. As much as I struggle to trust that there isn't a dark secret surrounding him, he's a decent boss.

Lila was right about where the door was. Right at the end of the estate on what I assume is the bottom floor. Right above us is Ren's personal quarters, which Mabel had no trouble mentioning to us all. Her obsession with getting close to Ren hasn't died down with time, and I have a feeling she's here with us now for that exact reason.

"What's the bet this is Ren's sex dungeon or something," Mabel giggles as we come to stand in front of the door.

It's a solid, metal door. Eerie.

Lila grins. "Guess we will find out. I somehow doubt it since he doesn't have a mate, and we never see anyone visiting this island. Unless whoever it is is locked up at the bottom of this dungeon."

"Whatever it is, it's none of our business," I add.

Once again, I'm ignored, as Mabel steps up, pulling a pin out of her fiery red locks. I stand back, in case the moment the open the door someone is behind it, ready to reprimand all of us. With adept precision, Mabel only takes a few moments to unlocked the door, the click ringing out loudly down the hallway.

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