Chapter Fifteen

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I've never been so intimidated.

There isn't a single person in this room who doesn't have their eyes on me. If I didn't care about my job so much, and didn't want to get on the bad side of Ren, I wouldn't have stepped toward him. In fact, I probably would have run out of the room to cower back in the sleeping area, refusing to speak to anyone until the next day.

However, my feet step on in front of the other, coming to stand beside Ren. My cheeks are heated beyond belief, and the hands I hide behind my back are quivering. Hopefully no one is noticing.

Ren looks up at me, that cool icy blue eye on the left side is unnerving as ever. A part of me has a feeling those strange eyes of him allude to his secret.

"Brielle, what's your opinion on this?" Ren ask. "Should we end Alpha meetings?"

An answer doesn't come out of my mouth immediately. Grayson is looking at me as if he is contemplating how to get me alone so he can keep me quiet forever. Those silver eyes, like sleek reflective metallic are almost unnerving as Ren's left eye. Almost, but not quite. I doubt Alpha Grayson has as much to hide as Ren seems to.

I glance down at Ren, who is looking at me expectantly. Do I upset another Alpha with a lot of power behind his name? Or do I upset the Alpha I work for, who also has a lot of power behind his name? It still doesn't seem obvious.

"I'm sorry, I don't think I know enough about it to say anything," I say quickly, trying to seperate myself from this conversation. The Alpha's think low enough of me as it is.

I wait for Grayson's reaction.

Ren's come first, though, cutting Grayson off before he can say anything. I'm glad for that small mercy. I don't know how many of these Alpha's would protect me if Grayson decided to take his anger out on a weak citizen like me. At least in comparison to him. I'm not pretending I can't see the muscles under his shirt.

"That doesn't matter," he says smoothly, only irritating the Alpha of Freedom more. A few lines crease on his forehead. "I want to hear your opinion from what you've heard. And I think a few others agree."

There is no way out of this, so I just speak what comes first to my mind. "I don't think you should give up your meetings.

Grayson chuckles. "Well of course you would say that."

Silence follows after my words, no one voicing their support for either more or Grayson. My eyes wander down to the ring on his finger. Myth and legend that used to be spread when I was a young girl suggest without it, he turns into pure evil. That's not something I feel like exploring.

"Well, that's enough for me," Ren says lightly. "The meetings stay."

I don't think there was single person in the room other than Ren who isn't stunned by his decision. Grayson looks dumbfounded before his expression morphs into amusement. He looks around the table, seeking support.

"Come on, you're not being serious. She works for you, that's it. She isn't able make a decision for all of us," Grayson says, almost stuttering over his words.

All of me wants to agree with him, but speaking will only make everything worse. I want to be mad at Ren for dragging me into this, not knowing why he would want to involve me, however, I know arguing against him isn't going to get me anywhere. In fact, is will probably get me fired.

"Why don't we all vote," Faye says suddenly, casting all attention to her.

Promptly, she lifts her arm, signifying her vote. Ren follows, and almost immediately, everyone else's arm raises too. Aside from Alpha Grayson, who kicks his chair back and leaves without another word said.

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