Chapter Fourteen

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I was asked to stand in while the Alpha's ate dinner.

It wasn't Ren who asked, instead being a girl who caught a sickness and needed me to be there to tend to the Alpha's. The moment I stepped in I felt as though I was breaking many rules, however, no one questioned me. Ren wasn't there when I entered, so I cast my gaze to the floor and hoped nobody would notice.

At first, it was only four Alpha's sitting in. Malik, who had come across Ren and I early leans casually back in his seat. His eyes are on me, but I keep my gaze pinned to the floor, mortified.

He didn't tell anyone, did he? I have to admit, Ren has been giving me a strange amount of attention recently.

But no, I'm not special.

Alpha Landon is also in the room, on the other side of the table to Malik. The two of them are both young, and from what I've observed over the past two days, they don't get on very well. Alpha Faye sits between them, being her beautiful and regal self as she chats animatedly to Alden.

"My research recently has come so far we would be pleased to supply you and your Pack with better health care," Alden offers, to which Faye's face screws up immediately in response.

"In all due respect, Alden, I appreciate your offer but my people are rather traditional. They wouldn't take well to new medicines. Maybe with time, but not right now," she explains kindly.

I would love to be Faye.

She's so kind and gracious and beautiful. I'm awed being in any Alpha's presence, but there is something special about her. How all these male Alpha's aren't swooning over her is beyond me. Either way, all I can do is stand here and hope I don't get on the bad side of any of them. The amount of power coming into this room is insane.

A few more Alpha's enter the room with time, paying me no attention. Good. I hope I blend right into the wall, here only to do a job when I need to. I also hope that with them not noticing me, I'll find something interesting out that I'm not supposed to.

"How is she?" Alpha Jasper asks to Alpha Grayson as they walk into the room. "I haven't visited in awhile, nor have a heard from you both."

"She is well. Busy with Pack work. She takes it very seriously," Grayson replies.

I assume they are talking about Grayson's mate, Lexia.

Soon after, Ren finally glides in, busy looking at papers he shuffles within his hand. My entire body tenses at the sight of him, but he walks right past without noticing, leaving behind nothing but the soft scent of him. Everyone else wanders in after him, settling into their seats to ready for dinner.

"Thank you all for coming again," Ren murmurs, still busy sifting through his papers. "I thought we could discuss something other than my issues. Maybe there is something anyone else wants to bring up while we are here."

My face remains straight, no matter how disappointed I am that I won't be finding out anymore about Ren's secret. Obviously they are done speaking about it.

It's none of my business.

"Well I have something to propose," I hear Grayson, Alpha of the Freedom Pack announce. I refuse to look at any of them. I refuse to give them any indication that I am paying attention to anything else but their needs. If any of them ask for water, I'll be the first to get them.

Everyone murmurs for him to continue, so he does. "I think we should finish the monthly Alpha meetings."

There's a stretch of silence that consumes the room. I'm not quite sure what this Alpha meeting they speak of entails, however, it seems rather self explanatory. It's fascinating what they do behind closed doors, that none of us hear about.

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