Chapter Thirteen

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Mabel's words didn't leave my mind.

I met Ren near the front door, ready for my tour around the grounds. Within me is a mix of excitement to see the island I have stared at from the docks on the mainland since I was a child, but also nervous. That's Mabel's fault, feeding me thoughts about Ren that I know aren't true.

I should be concentrating on Ren's secret, and finding out what I can about it. Not wondering whether he sees me differently from all his other staff. As far as I've noticed, he couldn't care less about me.

He even forgot my name. And his excuse for that was rather questionable, and I still have to consider how truthful it was.

At least the day is beautiful.

When I step outside, the midday sun shines brilliantly upon my face. I never get out, so the heat warms every inch of me. Ren joins me soon after I find myself waiting on the step, already dressed and showered. He looks spectacular under the sunlight. The strands of his damp hair glisten, his skin glows and even his eyes seem brighter than usual.

"Thank you for meeting me," Ren says, his tone and smile resembling the warmth of the sun immaculately. "Such a lovely day for it."

"I couldn't agree more."

For some reason, looking at him makes my heart flutter. So, to distract myself, I look across the formal lawn I trekked across when I first got here. The edge of the cliff is framed by thick bushes spotted with pretty flowers in a variety of colours. Clearly, it's so stop anyone accidently walking off the edge.

"It's nice to get away from all the Alpha's for a moment," Ren says, loosening a sigh. He starts our stroll around the side of the estate. "You'd be surprised how needy they can get.

That makes me smile. "I'm sure they are used to getting what they want."

The moment I said that, I realised that Ren himself is also an Alpha. He doesn't seem to mind, though, that I stepped over some kind of line. No matter what Mabel might say, I'm still a staff member of his and I have to be careful or what I say.

We wander around the side of the building, the shade of the estate a momentary escape from the heat of the sun. On each side there are perfectly manicured gardens with beautiful flowers.

Ren seems to notice me admiring them. "I love flowers."

"Why's that?"

"They are delicate, yet so beautiful. I love that about them. The more I have, the better I feel. As if they can ward of the purest evil," he tells me honestly, stooping down to pluck a rose from the bush. He picks off the thorns before handing it to me. It's perfectly sculpted, the deepest red colour.

I raise it to my nose and breathe in. "If I'm honest, I'm surprised an Alpha would appreciate something so simple like a flower. I never really thought about one being any more than just a plant."

Ren turns back to his walk, and I quickly follow him, clutching my rose.

"I've always been an outcast from the other Alpha's. As much as they are all great people, there was never been a time where I have felt truly included. Maybe it's just my circumstances, or the fact I prefer solitude on this island," Ren explains.

That doesn't surprise me. Five minutes with those Alpha's would drive me crazy, and it doesn't take the most intelligent person to realise Ren is much more reserved, refined in comparison. I mean, when I look at this flower it tells me all I need to know. But I know this isn't all to him. There's something else that keeps him pinned to this island. I know it.

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