Chapter Nine

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The Alpha's didn't start arriving for another four hours after Ren left me.

Most of that time I spent hurrying around, trying to ensure everything is running smoothly. Almost everyone that I talked to is as nervous as I am. Even Mabel, who won't be seeing the Alpha's in person. Just the idea of them being in the same building as her has left her almost useless to Ambrose, who has failed to calm her down when she realised she would be in charge of cleaning the Alpha's linen when they were done with it.

Others are simply struck by the fact that Ren is having guests. It's an event that is unheard of to those who have worked here many years. Nevertheless, an excited buzz prevails.

Before the guests arrived, I had just enough time to dress in something Ambrose lended me, and allowed Mabel to braid my hair back. Nothing about how I presented myself is amazing. It's not meant to attract attention from anyone.

The first Alpha to arrive was Alpha Jasper of the Devotion Pack.

His security came in first, assessing the situation. Jasper surely would be able to deal with threats, but in a vulnerable position like this one, it would not be ideal. So I give up my name and why I'm here before the Alpha of Devotion wanders in.

Walking in, mate beside him, Jasper seems immediately at ease with the situation. His smile is warm, as if to melt whoever comes victim to it. I find myself flustering over my pracided greeting.

He's just so...Pretty.

The moment that thought comes into my head I scold myself. Each of these Alpha's are blessed with looks that make anyone want to get on their knees and thank the Moon for creating them. So I force a polite smile onto my face, and take the invitation from his hands, pretending like I need to check it to ensure it is him.

Luna Thea, his mate, sends me a soft smile. She has eyes like him - a swirling violet colour full of mystery and unknown.

Other Alpha's follow, each handing me their invitation and politely greeting me. Most didn't pay me much mind, while some were friendlier than others. Most were gracious, and I swear Alpha Isaiah of the Passion Pack winked at me when he passed through. Surely I was seeing things, though.

Once everyone was through, I lingered by the door for a few moments longer. I'm not going to follow them in, but I wish I could. I wish I could hear even a snippet of the conversation between them, as unlikely as that is, considering it's surely private and classified.

For over an hour, I didn't know what to do.

It seemed as though time passed slowly the more I wandered around, checking everyone was doing as they needed, and that everything once they stepped out of their dinner would be perfect.

For the most part, nothing seemed to be wrong. Each time I walked past the closed entrance, the dining room seemed quiet, no heated discussion seeming to go on.

Yet still, I couldn't help but feel anxious. It seems as if I'm worried about Ren, and how this night is going for him. I know he hasn't done this in a long time, and for a reason I haven't figured out yet, I want it to go perfectly. And not just because my job will be on the line. After seeing how nervous Ren seemed to be, I believe it has moved onto me.

"Hey Brielle," Rose says, coming up behind me. She has a tray full of a empty water glasses. "Would you be able to go in and grab the rest of these cups? I would get the kitchen girls to do it, but things seem tense in there and I'm sure Ren would appreciate you in there more than those blushing girls.

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