"You really don't have to be so kind."

"I'm sure if I spoke personally to ambrose, she would be happier to give you a better position worth more money. That way you can get yourself back on your feet sooner," Ren offers, to which I immediately blanch at.

How am I meant to react to an offer like that? "Are you serious? Why would you do that for me?"

"Because I would want someone to help me if-"

All of a sudden, Ren freezes, his gaze trained on something behind me. I glance over my shoulder, trying to spot what has made him so frigid. I see a clock, the time reading near nine. How has it gotten so late? I swear I left the laundry room close to six. Time seems to have evaporated the more I embarrassed myself.

"You should probably get back to your quarters for dinner. Everyone will be wondering where you are," Ren says quickly. He seems flustered, as if it is imperative to get me out of the room right this instant.

I obey him, not having much else of a say. He hustles me back out into the corridor, looking apologetic, but taken aback by the time.

"I'll speak to Ambrose," Ren assures me as he's closing the door. "Have a good sleep."

I'm left dumbfounded. Part of me wants to question what just went on, and why he wanted me out of his quarters, but the other half of me knows it was coming. I'm lucky enough I got to be in his presence for that long. Maybe he was worried someone would spot him speaking to a servant in his private quarters.

So without questioning anything, I go back to the kitchen to get my dinner.


The next day, Ambrose was still dealing with her personal issues, so It was just the four of us in the laundry room.

All day Ren was on my mind. I couldn't stop thinking about those eyes, and how intense they appear in real life. I want to tell someone about it, but so far when Mabel asked about what happened last night, I simply said I took the laundry up and didn't see a soul. She almost fainted when I explained what his personal quarters looked like.

Della didn't receive even a glance in her direction from me all day. That false information may get me a better position for better money, but it did cause me to lose all my dignity and ability to face Ren again and not think about it. '

That night, after soup and bread for dinner, a few servants circled around a gas lamp, sharing stories.

I've become accustomed to some new faces and names. Over dinner, I had been listening to a few girls who were foreign. Some had escaped the rebellion in the Passion Pack, showing off their flawless skin and sleek brown hair without even knowing it. From their description, it might be the last Pack I want to visit.

"I have a scary story for you all," Mabel says, the lamp light flicker shadows across her face.

Della rolls her eyes. "Tacky."

"I want to hear it," I chime in. A few other girls murmur their agreement, while some seem more reluctant. This is a massive estate, and we reside in the depths of it. If anyone thinks something is going on on this island, it would surely be down here.

Mabel claps her hands together excitedly. "This is about Alpha Ren, and the tales of why he resides on this island all alone."

I swallow uncomfortably. I've heard the rumours and the stories before, so I'm curious to see what angle Mabel will go for. I've met numerous people who each have their own assumptions about why Ren chose a life of solitude. Either way, I don't believe any of them. Not after meeting him.

"So, rumour has it that the reason why Ren hides from his own Pack members, is because at night, he turns into a possessed demons," Mabel says, that smile on her face expressing how much she's enjoying terrorising these girls. "And he has so many people hired not to do his work for him, but because he sneaks in here, and eats them...One and a time."

A girl beside me covers her face. She seems young, and awfully impressionable.

Della seems to notice. "Okay, that's frankly ridiculous, and if any of you believe that then you deserve to be eaten."

Mabel nudges her. "We are just having fun. Everyone knows Ren is just a recluse who hates people. I mean, I haven't met him, but I'm just going to assume that, and that's no ones fault but his own."

I want to tell her she doesn't know anything, and she should stop guessing anything about Ren. I may not know him well either, but I met him, and he seems kind enough. Even if the way he pushed me out yesterday seemed a bit odd and suspicious. Especially after Mabel's story about him turning into a demon at night...

What am I thinking? Ren is completely normal. Now Mabel has me all shaken up and overthinking.

All of a sudden, a loud female scream pierces through the night.

Most of us spook, looking toward the direction it came from. Upstairs, right above our heads. Suddenly Mabel's story doesn't seem so unrealistic.


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I've also just posted the second novel in the Immortal series (in no way in correlation to book one which is Fate

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It's Time!

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