Chapter Six

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Ren wastes no time in his reaction.

"Woah," he says, holding his hands out as if to frantically tell me to stop. Quickly, I drop my skirt, mortified at his immediate reaction. "None of that."

That was not how I expected him to react, and now I want to curl up in a corner and curse myself for being so foolish. Of course he wants nothing to do with a girl like me. I've snuck onto his island and somehow made it into his room. How could I think he would ever want me like he must have liked other girls.

"I'm so sorry Alpha," I blurt, wishing I could cover my cheeks so he wouldn't see the incriminating blush. It's only adding to my embarrassment, which seems inescapable now. "I didn't mean to disrespect you like that. I just thought..."

"It's okay. Why don't you take a seat," Ren says tentatively.

He motions to the couch behind me, close to where I had left his laundry. Not knowing what else to do, I stiffly sit down, closing my eyes for a moment to contemplate what I've gotten myself into. Ren sits down on the ottoman, moving the basket of clothes to the floor, facing me.

"I shouldn't have listened to her," I sigh, digging my hands into my hair. Della either lied to me, or had no idea Ren would react this way to me. Either way, I make a mental reminder to never trust her word again. Mabel even told me it was foolish, and I didn't listen...

"Did someone tell you I wanted this?" Ren asks gently. He doesn't seem angry at me, in fact, he seems more pitiful.

I can't tell what's worse.

"Someone said if I did a favour for you, you'd get me the money I needed to restart my life," I admit, careful not to mention Della's name. I might not be so happy with her right now, but I don't want her to lose her job.

Ren looks thoughtful, a frown above his brow. "I didn't mean to embarrass you, Brielle. I was just surprised."

My head sinks into my hand, as my mind replays what happened without my permission. I've embarrassed myself, disrespected the Alpha and now when everyone else finds out, I will be the laughing stock of all the servants. I want to pull my hair out, but Ren's words pull me out of my frustration.

"You're very dedicated to getting out of here. I see that, and I understand. Do not feel embarrassed," he tries to reassure me. "I don't hold anything against you."

"I still can't believe I did that. I'm not that kind of girl, I promise you," I tell him honestly.

I'm grateful Ren isn't being judgemental. He seems to understand, and his words are making me feel much better. I just wish I hadn't done it. Now he must think I go taking my clothes off for anyone who I want something from. Having that idea attached to me might have me sent straight from the island.

Ren smiles softly. "I believe you. You wouldn't be so regretful if you did this often. Either way, it doesn't matter. If you need help getting money, you could have just asked, and I would have figured out some way to help you."

I look up at him in surprise. As unnerving as that icy blue eye is, I do see kindness. I see an Alpha who on the mainland, people gossiped he has something to hide. Now, I doubt it.

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