Chapter Four

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I woke up to a pair of blue eyes peering down at me.

"Oh my," I gasp, falling back into reality. I push away from the girl, only to realise she wasn't alone. Three others surrounded my bed, staring down at me like a foreign object, one almost completely on my bed. I had to rub my eyes and remember where I was before I could understand what was going on.

I'm in Ren's estate. I made it safely to island, and I've been accepted into this place by someone who has been here for three years. I couldn't have asked for anything better. Unless these girls are planning to kick me out.

"What's going on?" I question, when none of them say anything.

Two of the girls exchange glances. One of them looks strikingly similar to Raven, with sleek long hair she has pulled back behind her with a band, however, her eyes are a soft green. She's foreign to this Pack, and I can't put my finger on where she might be from. Passion Pack, maybe? She has rather prominent features, with a straight pointed nose and a sharp jawline that only makes her expression harsher.

"What's your name?" another girl asks. She's the one almost completely a top my bed. She has a devilish smile, that lights up her icy blue eyes. They are a stunning feature upon her, but don't catch my eyes as much as the red curls she traps within a bun on her head. She seems slightly heavier than the other girls, with puffy cheeks.

"Brielle," I say nervously, tucking my knees up to my chest. "Who are you guys? Do you work here?"

The girl the red hair points to herself, the girl with the prettiest eyes, and the other girl, who stares at me blandly. "I'm Mabel, this is Amora and of course, Della. You work with us now. We do the laundry for this place. You're in our unit now."

I'm stunned, trying to remember each name to the face.

"How long have you all worked here?" I question. I'm trying to figure out if any of them have the same plan as me. Make as much money so I can so I can escape this place forever. Unless of course, working here is a dream job. Or maybe they are here to see the Alpha. "What's it like?"

"Della likes it here, but that's because she's as boring as the clothes we handle," Mabel says, glancing cheekily toward a girl who seems standoffish. She has pretty brown eyes that almost swallow her whole face. Her hair - a soft brunette - is braided neatly.

Della scowls. "Sorry I'm not here to fondle the Alpha's underwear."

"That's besides the point," Amora says tiredly, cutting the two off before an argument can insue. "We have to get upstairs. Maiden Ambrose is the head of the laundry unit, and unless you want to get scolded, I wouldn't be late.

The three, already ready, wait rather patiently for me to dress and ready myself. Mabel did my hair while I washed my face, braiding it down my back.

So far all these girls seem kind. Some more irritable than others, but they don't seem to mind me entering their unit. I assume it's because they will be left with less work. However, I make a mental note to get too close to any of them. I'm not going to be here for long. I'm hoping to leave as soon as I get the funds.

Mabel links her arm around mine as we walk up the stairs toward the laundry unit, whispering in my ear. "Rose has you sorted with the employment thing. She told us to look after you. You're apart of the family now."

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