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*Song above: When the party's over by Billie Eilish


When I reach school, I realize that I am early. So early that the Janitor hadn't unlocked the doors of the main building yet.

I sigh, my hot breath coming out as white smoke in this cold weather. I walk around the school premise and climb the small hill covered with tall pine trees situated just behind the school building. Since the pine trees cover most of the hill; it's a good place one'd like to come when they don't want to be seen by anybody.

I trek the small hill and find that old fallen log on which I've sat countless times and watched the time pass. I come here often when I don't feel like attending a class or when I get bullied by someone. It's a secluded place and not many students dare to stroll this father into the pine trees because the snow could be light here and easily swallow a person.

Since I have been coming here forever, I know where to step and where not to. One of the advantages of not being home most of the times is that I have a lot of experience with snow and trees. I could look at a new layer of snow and easily predict whether it's safe to walk on it or not. I could look at a tree and tell whether the snow resting on its leaves is heavy enough for it to sustain or not. I could look at the sky and tell how many days it's going to snow continuously.

I can tell many things.

Wish I could tell how many days I have left to live.

I silently occupy the fallen log and watch over the school building as a few students start to crowd in the parking lot. This hill is a good place to watch over the whole school premise. It's a place from where you can see everything and everyone but no one can see you.

After some moments, I spot Grace, my twin sister. Her silver blond hair is easily recognizable from miles away. As soon as she steps in the parking lot, she's surrounded by her friends. She's the popular chick in the school and to be honest, I am quite jealous of her. I wish I could be like her. Liked and adored by everyone. She's undoubtedly the Head Girl of our school and I am me. I am the Official Troublemaker.

I see her smile from ear to ear as she chirps with her friends as if nothing happened at home this morning at all. Soon, I hear the bell ring in distance signaling all the students to go to their first class. I get up from the log and brush my back before heading down the hill.

I put my hood on as I enter the school building and head for my first class this morning which happens to be English taught by Mrs. Sutton. As I enter the class, I find Mrs. Sutton already present. She eyes me from head to toe, her glasses resting on her nose bridge. I move into the class, occupying the seat at the very back of the room, away from most of the students.

The class commences and she starts teaching Shakespeare's Sonnet no. 18 which I luckily read last night.

"Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate: Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, And Summer's lease hath..." I hear her voice fade in the background as my eyes feel heavier. I don't know how long I slept last night but I know whatever amount I managed to sleep last night wasn't enough for me.

I bid back this strong urge to yawn like a cat but I contain myself because Mrs. Sutton doesn't like to see anyone yawn in her class. I take several deep breaths and as soon as I see her turn towards blackboard, I yawn freely but shut my mouth quickly when she turns back.

"Now, I'll take a short quiz." She announces and I see several people scowl along with me.

"Okay now, let's start with Nefret." She says and I sit up straight from my slouching position.

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