15) On the Last Day of Wademas

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The boxes were quiet for once. He didn't remember them ever being so...not loud? He sucked in a few breaths, but his eyes were still closed and his back was up against something cold.

"Hey, Red," a voice said softly when Wade finally came to.

"Spidey?" asked Wade, slowly blinking his eyes back open. He guessed he fell asleep sometime after he practically paced a hole in the floor. He looked down at himself, sitting on the floor, with his back against a glass window and his head pressed to his knees. The motion had him realizing that he'd been trying to stop his the voices from being so loud and when they had finally shut-the-fuck-UP, he had crashed where he stood.

"Wade," Peter said almost in reverence. He walked slowly over to Wade before taking a seat on the floor just across from him, his back pushed up against the side of the bed.

"Hey, Webs, what's up?" he grinned at him and watched the other boy smile so devotedly it hurt.

"Still trying to convince myself it wasn't all just some twisted nightmare. I missed you."

Wade pushed himself from the wall and walked over to Peter, ploppung down next to him and wrapping his arms around his shoulder, pulling him in for a hug.

"I'm not going anywhere, Spidey. promise."

Peter let himself be enveloped before sobbing into Wade's shoulder.

"I'm sorry I hurt you and-" he was trying to hiccup his way through an apology. Wade wouldn't let him finish.

"You know what I love about you, Petey-Pie, you're so goddamn good to me."

"Wade, I-"

"I'm serious. You-you and Spidey-you. You're always there when I need someone to help set my shoulder or reattach my leg or keep me occupied with video games. Even now when I'm younger and more annoying and partially actively mortal. You don't have to be here. You didn't have to from the start, but you were and you tried to help me adjust the best you could and- mmph!"

It wasn't moments before Wade had a lap full of Spidey, kissing him senseless.


Tony wasn't the happiest camper when he came back to find Deadpool connected to Peter at the lips, a lap full of his son. Well his almost son. He cleared his throat and knocked on one of the metal tables in the room, his rings plinking on the steel surface.


"Stank," Wade said back with a lazy grin. His face was patterned and pockmarked and even if he had hair now it grew in odd blonde patches so he had taken to wearing a beanie. But here, with Peter, his head was bare and his eyes were bright and Tony had to look away. If he looked too long he may sympathize with the guy, but he was a murderer. His heart thumped when he tried to figure out what made him so different from Deadpool. He was a murderer too. For years. He had been given another chance and yet he stood in the way of Wade's at every turn. Tony shook his head and cleared his throat again.

"We took a few blood test while you were out cold and I think I've figured out a way to reverse this." He waved his hand at Wade flippantly.

"You mean return my dashing good looks? Do tell."

"You look fine Wade," Peter murmured, shoving his shoulder and climbing from his lap to sit next to him, still wrapped in his arms.

"I meant the deaging thing, numb-skull. Otherwise your healing factor will leave you as a 17 year old kid forever. And that means slower reboot time. We aren't sure what exactly cause the slowness of your healing, but we know it's part of the problem. It's why it takes hours for you to wake up from a bullet and months to wake up from a fall. Whatever the case, I have FRIDAY running the final calculations. You should be back to normal in less than 24 hours."

"That's great," Peter said looking from his mentor to his...boyfriend(?) "Isn't that great, DP?"

Wade felt a mix of relief and terror, but he couldn't move his mouth. His little vacation was almost over and he didn't know if he was ready.

"I'll uh...leave you to back to your little kissing fest."

"Tony!" Peter wheezed embarrassed.

"Don't forget to use protection." He was gone before he could hear Peter's protest.

"I can't catch or carry diseases," Wade said in a way that sounded almost joking even though his face still looked shaken and he was telling the truth.

"DP, are you sure you're okay?"

"Mhm. Peachy keen, jelly bean."

"Wade," Peter said as stern as he could muster, sitting up and pulling away from the deaged boy. "Look at me."

Wade tilted his head in Peter's direction, but didn't move much more than that. Peter placed a soft hand on Wade's own scarred ones, fidgeting in his lap.

"Wade Winston Wilson, if you don't just fucking look at me-" Peter froze when those beautiful eyes finally found him. They weren't looking, they were devouring every part of Peter they could find, as if they would never see him again. Peter grabbed Wade's face and moved in close so that their eyes had to focus on each other.

"We won't be together," Wade said quietly.

"Yes we will. I'm 18 now and I've been old enough to make my own decisions. I love you, Wade, okay? Nothing is going to change that."

"I just- what if we wait? I'll still be here, ya know. And we could just wait and I'll turn back when you're older."

"No," Peter said firmly. It wasn't a bad idea by any means, but he knew Wade didn't really want this. Being stuck in a child's body, having to go to school and watched over and getting hurt and being out of commission for more than the few hours it took for a leg to grow back.

"I don't want people to judge you for being with me, Petey. You don't deserve that."

"And you don't deserve to be stuck going through this for years and missing out on time with Ellie, just waiting for me to catch up. I don't care about what anyone else thinks about us, okay? I love you."

Peter's chest thrummed when he realized that he'd said the L-word twice in the span of one conversation and his blush began creeping up his cheeks, causing Wade who had pulled back a bit too chuckle a little and look at him in awe, pulling him back in for a kiss.

"I love you too, Peter," Wade whispered softly against his lips.

- --§-- -

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