Chapter Eleven: Dedicated To...

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Something that changed Amsterdam forever.

But before the craziness started, it was just a normal day for the citizens of Amsterdam. They were all busy preparing for the incredible day that would soon follow.

And the four of us were just getting involved in the festivities. OGiNiM in particular was extremely excited to finally be out and about in the busy streets of Amsterdam, and was happily skipping in the streets.

"This... is... AMAZING!" he cried. "Oh, Mijnheer... I can hardly believe that we're about to attend the biggest ceremony in Amsterdam!"

"I can totally believe it," HyDrO retorted, deadpan as ever. "After all, we wouldn't be going if we couldn't believe it."

OGiNiM simply giggled.

"Oh, by the way, Sir?" HyDrO asked.

"Yes?" I asked.

HyDrO smiled.

"Congratulations on becoming the guest of honor at this thing," she said. "It must be incredibly flattering for you."

I smiled.

"Thank you," I said. "And it is quite flattering. If a bit confusing. All of a sudden it seems as though more people than ever know my name."

"I get it, Mijnheer," OGiNiM said. "It must feel kind of crazy to get recognized so often when a few weeks ago you were a nerdy mortal Dutch guy. I mean, not that you're not a nerd anymore, because you are, but..."

I smiled.

And then the trumpets sounded, and all attention was given to the giant stage that was now in front of us. We were now in the main square of Amsterdam, and sooner or later the Rijksmuseum curator was going to come out and introduce me. Slang, being who he was, instantly hid behind me, as panicked as ever.

"Ssssssssssssssssssssir..." he muttered. "V-vat vassssssssssssss zat, ssssssssssssir? Vassssssssssssssss zat ssssssssssssomesssssssssing d-dangeroussssssss? Ohhhh... y-you know how much I dissssssssssslike dangeroussssssssss sssssssssingssssssssss like zissssssss, sssssssssssir..."

A giggle. "Don't worry, Slang. That's not dangerous; just a trumpet."

"B-but vat doesssssssssssss it mean, ssssssssssssssssssir...? Zat vassssssssssss a fery loud noisssssssssse-"

"BURGERS VAN AMSTERDAM!" cried  the Rijksmuseum curator.

"Burgers?!" gasped OGiNiM. "Oh, cool! I love burgers! I never knew they were selling burgers today! What kind do they have, Mijnheer? Hamburgers? Cheeseburgers? Turkey burgers? Some other kind of strange burger that I don't know about?"

I smiled at him a bit teasingly. "You do realize that 'burger' is the Dutch word for civilian, right?"

"Oh." His face fell, but he brightened almost instantly. "Well, at least I learned a new Dutch word!"

He looked back up at the Rijksmuseum curator, who was continuing a very long speech in Dutch in which he stated  multiple times how happy he was to be there and how fun the day would turn out to be for all the citizens of Amsterdam. The four of us listened- at first- until the curator's speech began to become extremely boring. I was almost asleep due to how boring it was- until...

"And now, ladies and gentlemen, the moment that I'm sure all of you have been waiting for!"

My eyes shot open.

I was on.

"Ooh! This is so exciting, Mijnheer~!" gushed OGiNiM happily.

"Please welcome to the stage our special guest of honor and the most popular Dutch YouTuber of all times... NIMJA HYPNOSIS!"

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