the move

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"Guys we are having someone move in."


"(y/n) is."


"Were even is she gonna stay."

"Haven't really thought that through. I guess she can just stay with me in my room."

"And have you talked that through with me."

We all turned our heads to see master splinter.

"No but i hope that you like her enough to let her stay."

He turned his head and slam down his cane.

"She will stay in the spare room, if i ever detect anything that is improper she will no longer stay here."


I got the room ready and in a few days she was all ready to move.

"Thank you for letting me stay."

"No problem."

Everyone welcomed her and even master splinter, though master splinter kept glaring at me.


Since we were not moving in we decided that we would just try to hang out more at both his place and mine. I know that my answer was a little hard on raph but we decided that we would try to make it work and instead of completely moving in i would have a sleepover when ever he was really having bad days.


He didn't plan on telling anyone so you just plainly moved in and everyone freaked out. After donnie explained everything though everyone was okay with it and from then on it was pretty normal day.


I wasn't going to move in but we did make it a point to visit each other more often and we did have weekly sleepovers. We still had our lives somewhat separate from each other and we were doing okay in our lives for now. People thought that it was easier to just move in but i thought it would be too soon and we still were learning how to live our lives separately. 

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