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"Alright peasants, stop working and come get your paychecks!" My co worker called.

I rolled my eyes at him calling us 'peasants' when, in fact, he was one himself.

I turned the sowing machine off and took off my gloves and my safety goggles. I work at a factory that makes clothing.

Walking back to the end of the line where factory workers were lined up, I waited patiently for them to get their paychecks.

The pay checks is not actually money, as you know we get our pay in time. Paper currency still exists, but it ain't worth a thing anymore.

We thought about incinerating all the money in the world, but we decided to keep it for something to look back on while thinking about our history.

After waiting in line for what it seems like hours, I was finally called to get my pay, "Alexander Hamilton!"

I walked up to another one of my co workers who were sitting behind a desk with a glass window. I rolled up my sleeves and stuck my arm inside the opening of the glass window.

My co worker took out a device that is used to transfer time into anybody's countdown. He held the device against my arm and pressed a button that transferred two hours into my countdown.

I took my arm out of the opening and huffed when I didn't see the correct time that l was supposed to get.

"Excuse me, but I think you made a mistake." I said.

"How so?" My co worker asked.

"The pay is supposed to be five hours, but you only gave me two hours." I said.

"Sorry Hamilton, but everyone here is getting two hours. There are other people waiting in line, so please step aside." My co worker said.

"You can't do that! That's below minimum wage!" I exclaimed.

"As the dystopian community, we're running out of time. And running out of time to give to other people." He said.

"But, isn't the owner of this factory extremely wealthy and currently is living in Utopia right now? Why can't he give up some time to people who are working, and struggling to keep themselves and their families alive?!" I asked.

"What the boss does is none of our concern. He lowered the pay to two hours and now that's what we're paying workers." He told me.

"This is bullshit! I'll find a way to get more time on my own! I quit!" I yelled.

I walked to the bathroom, took off my suit, putted on my regular clothes then stormed out of the building.

"I quit!" I yelled again.

I checked for the amount of time on my countdown, it had a year and couple of months on it. You may think it's a lot, but even three months can run out like it's nothing.


I glanced down at my countdown as it starts blinking red. The normal color for everyone's countdown is supposed to be green, so this could mean one of two things.

It could mean that my time is about to run out which is not the case or...

Oh no, my mother is gonna die soon...

Right on cue, I received a call from her.

"Hello? Mom? Are you okay?!" I answered.

"Yes love, I'm fine. I hope you got paid" Rachel said.

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