chapter ten - karaoke (continued)

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First up on stage was Felicity. She sang Flashlight from Jessie J. By the higher parts, her voice ended a bit, but other than that she was fine. When the last few notes sounded out, polite applause broke out as she, blushing, stepped down from the stage .

Mornay sang Pillowtalk from Zayn Malik. His voice was perfect and husky, and caused an outbreak of applause and some nervous giggles as he finished. Then it was Lily's turn.

Her legs felt like jelly as she stood up amd accepted the pats on her back and the small applause that broke out from her fellow sixth and seventh-years. James, still up on the stage, offered his hand to Lily and she allowed him to help her onto the stage, causing Frank Longbottom and a couple of his friends to chorus, in loud voices, "OOOHHH!"

"What song are you doing?" James whispered into Lily's ear. He turned red when Frank started hooting again and backed away. Lily chose her song, told him and then closed her eyes as the opening notes sounded, so she could feel the music.

Then she started singing. It felt as if the only thing that she could think of and see was the song. She put her all in it and when the chorus came, she only then broke out of her trance to see that everyone else was singing along.

I'd rather stand tall
Than get on my knees
'Cause I am a conqueror
And I won't accept defeat
Try telling me no
One thing about me
Is I am a conqueror
I am a conqueror

The applause sounded throughout the Common Room but Lily, blushing, continued singing.

Got a vision that no one else sees
Lotta dirty work, roll up your sleeves
Remember theres a war out there so come prepared to fight
You never know where your life'll lead ya
Not everyone's gonna believe ya
And even though they're wrong don't prove 'em right

Her voice was soon drowned out in the crowd's as they sang along again.
When she finished, wild applause and whooping sounded out. Lily turned around to walk off and James caught her eye, grinning. The very same one that made Lily's stomach flutter with nerves.

Jasper did his song wonderfully (Nobody Compares from One Direction), though he did get stuck on some parts. Elizabeth however, Lily had to admit, was the best. She sang Never Enough from Rebecca Ferguson in The Greatest Showman, hitting all the highs and all the lows perfectly. The crowd went wild when she finished. When she was off, Sirius walked forward, twirling his wand in his hand lazily.

"Ladies and gentleman, witches and warlocks, give it up for our contestants!" Immediately, loud applause reached his words but he just smirked over at James. When everyone had quieted down, he said, "I think you all know who our winner was!" More applause. "The winner of this karaoke standoff is Elizabeth!!!" The applause this time actually shook the walls. Lily couldn't complain; she was cheering just as hard as everyone else. Sure, she had wanted to win but Elizabeth deserved it.

Sirius ushered her up and handed her a gigantic box of Hogsmeade goodies, and more applause greeted her as she walked down, her face burning.

"Now before we put down the stage," Sirius said. The people stopped cheering and talking to listen. "Prongs here-" he pointed at James. "-would like to do his own song." At once, millions of girls shrill shrieks sounded. It was as if a bomb had been set off. One girl was hugging her friend whilst jumping up and down, squealing. James looked panicked and glanced at Sirius, who merely shrugged.

He fiddled with the sound machine a bit before stepping up to the center of the stage and taking a deep breath. If Lily hadn't been staring rather jealously at the girls who were squealing, she would've noticed the glances James shot her.
Then he started.

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