Not a good day!

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Drac trembled a little. Even though he held my feet, my toes could still massage him.

"Eh...w-what would-y-ou like to e-e-eat?"

" the menu."

Drac didn't get my hint, as he turned to the waiter, "A yes... the tasting menu."

Oh come on!

I took my leg away, noticing how relieved he was by that, "And what for dessert?"

I thought for a minute, biting my lips seductively, "Something...juicy."

The waiter nodded, "Got it, two milkshakes."


Drac watched with surprise, as I banged my head on the table. This vampire was hopeless! No wonder his previous wife got mad. Dracula however, was worried, "Did I do anything wrong?"

I got my head up and was ready to yell at the vampire, but then...I couldn't.

He really seems to be concerned, giving me a sad face. He sure must have taken it personal. I waved ma hand at him in defense, "nonsense, you did nothing wrong. I just thought...I could...never mind."

"No, please tell me" he begged, leaning forward.

"I just tried to seduce you and all you did was ruin the moment."

He backed away, suddenly smiling, "I know."


"You think it is that easy to seduce the prince of darkness?"

I gave him one evil grin, "Well, a pack of condoms could."

"I was caught off guard!"

I snickered, "Yeah, sure you were."

"Are you saying that I am not fun?"

My grin widened, "I am just saying, that you are old, a bit...A bit much...A bit too much...okay you are ancient. Your way of having fun, seems to be different from mine."

Drac's face turned to a frown, "So you don't think I am into fun?"


As on cue, the meals were served. The tasting menu, were bite size things jumping around on the plate. Drac used his powers to freeze them on the spot. But instead of eating them, he threw a few at me. I raised a brow at his action, "Food fight? Are you kidding me?"

"Why, are you not up for it?" he teased, holding another piece in his hand.

"You shouldn't play with your food."

"Oh my, I thought you are the fun one."

I crossed my arms against my chest, "What does this have to do with food throwing?"

I didn't like the grin he gave me, "Well...I am just saying that you are old, a bit...A bit much...A bit too much...okay, are already dead inside. Can't even be a child for one minute."

Okay, the fight is on!

Not one of us ate even one of the bite size treats; instead, we were throwing them at each other like a pair of little kids. I stopped it, once he was near the pool. With enough force, I pushed him into the water. Drac didn't seem to be mad at this, oh no, he tired to chase me in the water. After countless of failures, he caught my leg. Now in his grasp, I stare into his eyes. Time stood still, while he held me in place, with only our legs moving, we kept us on the water surface. The staring didn't last long, as I leaned forward, closing my eyes.

But...I didn't fell anything.

Opening my eyes, I could see him back away. My face seems to worry him, as it was clearly showing my disappointment. "I am sorry N/A. It's just...I..."

"Your dessert, Sir!"

The waiter watched us with interest, as we were still in the water, holding each other. Drac was the first to let go, getting out of the pool. I followed soon after. All of a sudden, the atmosphere got cold. We both sat there, drenched, drinking our milkshake.


The count raised his head, "Don't is my fault."

"I don't understand."

Of all nights he would chose to date me, he picked the wrong time, "I...I tried to make this day a happy one...forgetting the past, even if it is only for one night."

I waited for a minute before asking, "What happened?"

Drac had trouble to tell me, while his hand covered his face, "Today was the day, I lost Martha. It felt like betrayal when I kiss you now. I wanted to have fun tonight, but...not more. I hope you can forgive me N/A."

I nodded, not sure of what to say.

I hope that this question didn't offend him, "What about tomorrow?"

"What about it?"

I swallowed hard, "Can I kiss you tomorrow?"

I jumped slightly, as his hand grabbed mine, "Of course you can! I look forwards to that. But for now, let us enjoy our evening."

I nodded, finishing our drinks first. Lost in thoughts, I wasn't aware that I stared at him, while playing with my straw. Drac had to get me out of that trance, "N/A...N/A?...N/A!"


"Will you stop making me nervous?!" I had no idea what he meant. All I could see was a vampire with a red face. When I asked him what I have done, he refused to tell me. Suddenly, he was moving on his chair, like trying to hold in.

"Do you need the toilet?"


I changed the subject, "Are you coming for a swim?"

"....In a minute."

Not thinking of Drac I took my clothes off, revealing my bikini underneath. This definitely didn't help the poor vampire. It only made things worse.

Or so he thought.

"Hey Drac there you are. Mavis wanted to know if you could arrange the party for the weekend."

Of all that could come over, did it have to be Jonny????

"Not now Jonny!"

His son-in-law didn't get it either, "Hey Drac, do you need the toilet?"

Embarrassed, the count turned to a bat and flew up to the balcony. I didn't hear the discussion at the pool. After a while, I turned back, only to see Mavis husband, "Hey Jonny, where is Drac?"

"He just went back into the hotel. I think he went to the toilet. "

"He could have told me that, geez...." I said, looking at the boy, "Care for a swim?"

"Sure, can Mavis come too?"

I smiled, "Of course. In fact, invite Drac's friends and the kids as well."

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