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hoelland 💖
open you're door
i have food

(princess b)elle
hold you're webbed ass up
im omw

Cheryl opened her door as she saw Tom, "Hey." She grinned.

"Hey love." He smiled, she scrunched her face when she realized he wasn't holding food, but flowers.

"Tom?" She asked, moving out of the door frame as he walked in.

"I have a question, you know the kiss we never really talked about?" The Brit questioned, a shy grin coming onto his face.

"Yeah," Elle smiled as he walked over to her.

"Well, that's all I've been able to think about recently." Tom admitted sheepishly as he scratched the back of his neck.

"Oh..." Elle had a blush on her face as he handed her the flowers.

"I really like you, Elle." He grinned.

"I... I really like you, Tom." She smiled back setting the flowers down and looking up at him.

"Will you go out with me, love?" He asked, she nodded and a smile grew on her face.

"I'd love to." Elle replied as he didn't waste time and kissed her.

fuck my babies are together


i want to create a part 2 once i finish my chrizzie book, and the second will be about them dating and FLUFF


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