chapter two

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*pictured above is sebastian

thea's pov

Somethings happening. Instead of the dead silence that usually surrounds me, I could hear pounding above me. I heard loud voices, and what I can only imagine was a fight ensuing. My heart stopped.

Were they coming to beat me?

Would I even survive another beating?

As the panic began to set in the noises grew louder. My breathing became labored as I heard footsteps on the stairs. Unfamiliar voices became louder and louder as my body shook with fear. I couldn't breathe as my mind raced with thoughts. Who were these people? Why were they here? What were they going to do to me?

Before I could even process the thoughts bombarding my mind, the voices stopped. I looked up and all I could see was a tall, dark man ripping the bars of my cage apart. Within seconds he stood before me, and as I looked into his bright green eyes my heart dropped. My nose was filled with a delicious scent of pine trees and cinnamon, I found my mate. Or rather he'd found me. I sat as still as could be as I waited for my mate's inevitable rejection.

I felt sparks shoot through my body as my mate suddenly picked my frail body off the cold, hard floor into his arms. Holding me close he looked into my eyes. This is it. This is the moment my mate rejects me. His eyes were filled with anger, and I could feel his body shaking as he growled;

"MATE." As I sat in his arms fearing the worst, a commotion began around me.

"Sebastian-" A voice from behind us began as my mate mumbled under his breath;

"Mine, Mate. Mate, Mine" I shook with fear, flinching every time he called me his mate. There was no way this Greek god of a man would accept me.

"Sebastian, she's obviously in bad shape. We need to get her back to Shadow's End, and to the pack doctor NOW." The words seemed to snap my mate, seemingly named Sebastian, out of his trance. The anger began to leave his eyes as he focused in on my face.

"Little One, what did they do to you?" He cooed to me, speaking to me as if he thought I'd shatter at any second. It felt like a dream I couldn't wake up from. It didn't feel real. This beautiful man, my mate, was looking at me like I was his world. This isn't possible. No man would accept me. No man would love me.

"Please, please stop" My voice trembled as I began to struggle in his arms. I was no match for his strength though, and he only wrapped his arms around me tighter.

"What's the matter, Little One? Am I hurting you?" His hand reached for my face, and I flinched.

"Please stop. Just get it over with. Please." The panic was back, and I couldn't think straight. The tears couldn't seem to come fast enough as they rolled down my cheeks.

"What are you talking about Little One?" I was too far gone with panic to answer him. The room began to spin and before I knew it I was out.

sebastian's pov

I couldn't believe what was happening. I had the left the pack house today with my best warriors, ready to annihilate the group of rogues terrorizing the area. Now I was holding my unconscious mate in my arms. I looked down at her beautiful face, her cheekbones were prominent, and the dark circles under her eyes were hard to miss. But what was even worse; my tiny little mate was covered in bruises. I began to shake with rage. Those bastards deserved a far worse punishment than death for the pain they obviously inflicted on my mate.

"Sebastian, we need to go." My Beta Jace stood frantically in front of me. I snapped out of my trance as his words sunk in. My Little One needed medical attention, and she needed it fast.

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