Friends with benefits

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Y/n: I've seen it before, chris

Chris stayed silent for a moment then soon lifted me off his lap getting up and walking to the door

Y/n: chris where are you going?

Chris: i'm leaving

I get up and run over to the door closing it, standing in front of the door looking at Chris but he didn't want to look at me. I can tell he was mad, but he looks so sexy.

Y/n: chris, I get that your mad but please don't leave

Chris: why not, you know you feel the same way but you lying to me and it's frustrating

Y/n: Chris please look at me

He always softens up when he looks at me. I hate it when he's mad at me, it's not often but I know how to calm him down.

He's still looking away, so I grab his face and try to get him to look at me. I pull his face towards mine and I kiss him.

It took him a minute till he started kissing back, I grip his face tighter and he grabs my waist. We start to get rougher and we start dancing talking clothes off. Starting with his jacket, then my shirt and soon his.

As we make our way to the couch I try to push him on the couch so he sits down I take my shorts off and climb on top of him. He places his hand on my hips and I wrap my arms around his neck starting to kiss him again.

Chris moves his hands from my waist to my bra strap and unbuckled it. I let go of his neck to let the bra go off my shoulders.

Chris immediately grabs both of my breast with a tight grip. He sucks on my left nipple and takes it between his teeth, I moan in pain and pleasure and he does the same to the right.

Y/n:uuuuhhhhh chris

Chris: Tell me you love me

Y/n:uuuuhhhhh I love you

Chris: say it like you mean it

He stops and looks up at me,I look down at him straight in his eyes.

Y/n:  Christopher Maurice Brown I love you

Chris: Then be my girl?


Chris grabbed my neck and kissed down my body then tossed me on the couch he opened my legs and climbed between them still gripping my neck
He leaned down and kissed me harder than before.

He slowly kisses down my body down to my panty line then he looks up at me staring me down making me melt.
He grabs the hem of my underwear and pulls them off leaving me completely naked.

He kisses all the way down to my clit and he slides his warm wet tongue over it. My hand immediately attaches to his hair gree locks even more going lower and wider to suck on my lips. He works his tounge inside my lips soon spreading them apart driving in sucking on my clit.

Y/n: ooohhh cchris fuuuck that feels good

Chris: you like it when I eat this pussy baby


Chris: yes what?

Y/n:yeeesss daddy

Chris:You want daddy to make you cum with his tounge

Y/n: yeeesss daddy

Chris: too bad daddy only makes his babygirl cum with his tounge


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