"Hey Bryan," Trix called out to the woman to keep her attention fixed on him. His expression sobered into a mannerism of business.  

"Eguzkiaren argia, sua deitzen dut." He coolly released his spell with a cocky smirk.

Fire balls formed in the air and flew towards the bowler hat golems. The golems countered with thick dust particle attacks to put the fires out.

Cass called upon a water spell to deflect their stone attacks. He bound his limbs with white light, forming a barrier that deflected their magic attacks. He said another spell that called a pair of female ghosts from air with silver eyes. They flew circles around the golems, breaking down their particles with small cyclonic attacks.

Trix changed tactics and rushed toward Bryan with fists raised. "Ura erregai nire eskuak!"  

My eyes widened when I saw a blaze of icy-blue light wrap Trix's fists and feet like socks and gloves. He kicked at Bryan with roundhouse, low and high range attacks; coordinating his arm and leg movements in an enchanting Wu King martial arts ballet, causing a blue light show in the air.

"Ganmo!" Leinard shouted, alerting me to a golem's lethal punch to my head.

I narrowly missed the blow.

"Stop spacing out!"  he scolded me whilst driving his cane-sword into two golems.

He fished through is pocket, pulled out a bag of shrills, which he threw at me.

"Nice." I grabbed a fistful and commenced with my own attack. 

"SU!" I yelled as I pelleted the golems reaching for me. High-pitched sounds and hefty glitter filled the air.

"You're looking hideous right now." I heard Trix tease Bryan.

She wasn't faring well under his martial arts attack.  Her colonel hat had been knocked off, so her wavy auburn locks tumbled about her shoulders and messily down her back.  Lipstick was smeared across her mouth and sides of her cheeks.  Black eyeshadow and liner was smudged around her eyes, making them appear bruised.  I yelped when my mind compared her current look with a juxtapositioner demon.

She screamed with outrage as she fired rounds of bullets that Trix was able to dodge.

I cursed when one of the strays clipped my arm. 

"Goddamn it. Su!" I threw my last shrill at the lone golem protecting Bryan's back, turning it to  glitter.

Bryan stood alone. 

She stopped her fighting and retreated a few steps back.  A smile stretched wide on her face, making her look very much like that court jester demon.  She pulled out a tiny silver-glass bell and rang it.

An ear-splintering explosion threw us backwards and further in the indulgence corridor. 

I groaned when I saw that we were surrounded by half-naked creepy men who had been alerted by the bell.

"Well, isn't this just dandy," I grumbled.

"Do what you like with them. I want to know what they're up to." Bryan ordered the perverts. She fixed up her face with a spell.

Magic intervened with her orders with a strong vibration and painful ringing in our ears. My vision blurred to obscure black and white outlines. 

"Hormak apurtu, kateak askatu." A deep, soothing voice permeated my mind and body.

I felt a mighty pull. The black and white outlines gradually formed a new scenery.

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